5 Retailers Offering Back to School Deals and Specials for 2018

Here are 5 retailers offering Back to School cool deals in South Africa. Compare the prices before going to the stores. This way, you will save a great deal of money and time.


Takealot.com offers Back to School Shop. From Stationery, Books, School Tech, Cases, Sports Gear to Lunch Boxes. We have everything you need. Takealot.com, SA’s favourite online store. Fast, reliable delivery to your door. Go to Takealot.com


Get the best back to school deals for an epic school year with Checkers. Browse our back to school lunch box recipes, school supplies and other deals now. Go to Checkers Website.


Ackermans stores are a South African value retailer and stockists of affordable family clothing, footwear, textiles and cellular in their nationwide stores.

Make sure your kids are ready to have fun learning and playing when they go to school in an affordable new uniform from Ackermans! Go to Ackermans Website.

4.Pick n Pay

Prepare your kids for a great year ahead! We have the best back-to-school savings all lined up, from pens and books to the coolest lunch boxes and more. Go to Pick n Pay’s Website.


PEP, South Africa’s largest single brand retailer. PEP provides a lifeline to local people with affordable, good quality merchandise.

Buy Large Backpacks & Our Range Of School At PEP, South Africa’s Largest Single Brand Retailer. Go to PEP’s Website.

Sources: Takealot.com, Ackermans, Pick n Pay, Checkers, PEP

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