Anglo American Leaders and Talent Shaping Programme

BLAST (Building Leaders and Shaping Talent) is our prestigious graduate programme, attracting the brightest talent graduating from university. BLAST candidates, or BLASTers, experience three roles across two continents over four years. The roles are carefully selected to ensure that BLASTers can develop skills, knowledge and experience which will equip them for a successful future at Anglo American.

Every BLASTer has an individualised development plan ensuring the person is well placed in the company to have a successful career. All Anglo American companies participate in the programme and offer suitable roles for BLASTers. There are many operations in South Africa and Southern Africa, as well as Brazil, Chile, Australia, Canada and Corporate offices in Johannesburg and London.

We are offering bursary and graduate opportunities to top-performing learners with an interest in disciplines or fields of study that are relevant to the mining industry such Mining, Engineering, Process, Geosciences and Finance.

Whether you are a Grade 12 learner or currently studying towards a South African degree or Bachelor of Engineering Technology qualification, we provide bursaries to individuals in need of financial assistance and to those who require practical experience, so that they are able to meet the requirements of their mining-related subjects.

Individuals with a passion for their area of study and who have a clear view of what their future career path looks like, are viewed favourably by Anglo American, as these are qualities that are aligned with our core values.



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