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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Drafting Your CV

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When applying for jobs, your CV is key. If your CV isn’t perfect, you’re not getting the job. So let’s look at 5 biggest mistakes people make on their CVs.

5 Biggest CV Mistakes

1: Not tailoring your CV

Your CV needs to be tailored to the position you are applying for. Make sure your CV includes the skills you have that your prospective employer is looking for.

2: Using a terrible email address

I’m not going to hire someone who uses the email “koolboi420@gmail.com” – never going to happen!

3: No detail in current role

Your most recent position is key to your CV – put some effort into outlining everything you can about your most recent role.

4: Basic language

Which of these 2 sentences sounds more professional:
“I helped out with admin duties to free up time for the manager”
“Supported critical business functions to relieve management of administrative duties”
I know which one I’d choose.

5: Unexplained gaps

If you’ve been out of work, you’ll have a gap in your employment history. Show that you used that time productively, such as with personal projects.

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