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Apps to Make Extra Cash for Airtime-Data or Cash in The Bank

My friend, yes you reading this I just discovered some cool apps that you can use to make extra cash from the phone you are using to read this, even on the computer. You can redeem the virtual money for cash, airtime, data or shopping vouchers.

I have recently redeemed my M4Jam earning for airtime, you can do it too.

Here below are the apps you can use to make money anywhere using your phone.


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2. M4JAM

Join me on M4JAM and make money doing tiny jobs on your smartphone.

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3.Survey Now

Using your mobile phone you cam make unlimited money by just completing surveys from different companies willing to pay you for your opinion.

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4.Just Play

Make money by entering free South African competitions online for free. Sign up free and enter unlimited competition and stand a cahnce to win prizes ranging from cash, shopping vouchers to brand new cars.

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5.The Panel Station App

Register and install the Panel Station app and Make Extra cash completing surveys.

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How to Become a Social Media Entrepreneur

How to Become a Social Media Entrepreneur

There is a way you can become what is called a social media entrepreneur and start to make good money for yourself. And the good part is that this is an easy to do thing but you just need a small training.

There are already a number of ways to make money with social media. Every major social media outlet has in some way helped users turn their hobby into a business or turn their business into a bigger business. Here are 15 common ways people make money with social media.

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1. Tantalize Customers With Your Product On Pinterest

Small businesses can benefit in big ways from getting users to “pin” photos of their items on to their Pinterest boards. Create an account, engage in the community by pinning other people’s photos and upload photos that entice people to buy your product.

2. Run An Online Instagram Shop

If you have items that would be attractive to Instagram users, it’s relatively pain-free to set up a shop by connecting your account to the service inSelly.

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3. Copywriting

Twitter and Facebook can be great ways to show off your language and grammar skills. Prove yourself to be adept in the language of your choice to get yourself hired to write for a living.

4. Editing

Editors in particular have found success marketing themselves on social media, since services like Twitter and Facebook are great proofs of concept for their skills with the written word

5. Manage Social Media

There are a lot of companies seeking someone to handle their social media presence. Sadly a fair share of those positions are internships, but there are also many paid opportunities out there. Search “social media” on job boards to find results in your area.

A lot of new comedians birthed their career on Twitter. 140 character jokes or funny insights can gain you a lot of attention, so if you’re a particularly clever wordsmith consider giving comedy a shot to make money with social media.

7. Creative Writing

Fantasy author Neil Gaiman broke ground with A Calendar of Tales, for which he asked his large Twitter following to submit questions and turned some of their answers into short stories. You can do something similar that involves interacting with your audience, or even serialize a whole novel or short story over many posts.

8. Airbnb

Anyone can become a renter via Airbnb, which gives users a chance to rent places to stay in 190 different countries. Fast Company has a great write-up on how someone made a six-figure income through Airbnb.

9. Monetize A YouTube Channel

Not only can you make money with social media, you can turn yourself into a phenomenon. Just ask Grace Helbig, who’s developed a large audience through the hilarious videos she posts every week. She makes a significant sum just off ad revenue from her YouTube channel.

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10. Become An Amazon Affiliate

When you join Amazon’s Affiliate Program, any sales made from a link you provide to Amazon will net you a small percentage. Cultivate a following and promote specific items on your blog, then include an affiliate link to the item on Amazon so that when a follower purchases something you’ll get paid.

11. Promote Posts

Get your sales pitches in front of more eyeballs with promoted posts, available through almost any social media service. It’ll cost you a little cash, sure, but it could net you huge rewards.

12. Sell Your Art

Tumblr and Instagram (Tumblr especially) are great places to post original artwork and get a lot of responses and shares. If your art starts going viral, you can turn that interest into income by selling prints and other merchandise through an online store like Etsy or Big Cartel.

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13. Sell Rights To Your Photos

If you take good enough photos, people will pay you to use them! Flickr is a popular place to view photos, and this WikiHow explains how to sell the photos you’ve posted there. You can also license them under Creative Commons, which won’t net you any money but will expose your photographs to a wider audience.

14. Demonstrate Your Musical Abilities On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best places to get your music noticed, and I’m not just talking about the near-impossible goal of becoming a rock star. If you know how to come up with a catchy jingle, you can post it on SoundCloud to get clients flocking to you to create music for their commercials, radio ads, etc.

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Join The Winning Teams

Join One of These Winning Teams

SwitcheOn is looking for people to make opinions and get paid for doing so.
With your smartphone, a lap top or desktop computer you can participate in the paid online panel for submitting short online forms.
Join SwitcheOn and start with the programme immediately. They need over 8000 people monthly.

Survey Now
Are you interested in participating in surveys and get paid? With survey now, you can make money by just participating in surveys.
You get points for each survey you complete, these points are then converted to vouchers that you can use online or just cash money to withdraw. Join Survey Now

The Panel Station
The Panel Station is one of the world’s largest survey company and they pay people who participate in their survey programmes. If you want to make extra cash, the Panel Station is one good programme you can join and start making money immediately. Join The Panel Station.

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3 Things You Must Do Before The End of The Year

As busy as you are, there might be some important things that you must do before the end of the year. At the beginning of the year you set some goals for yourself and you might just ask yourself if you have accomplished some of the goals or not.

1.Learn to Make Money online

The IT industry has came with some benefits that users of the internet can benefit from using it. From making money using your smartphone to using a computer. The internet has great opportunities for you to empower yourself financially.

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Learn to Make Money on Facebook

Make Money on Your Smartphone

2.Add New Skills in Your Profile

Empowering yourself does not always have to come with a price tag. Sometimes the skills we get using free platforms can help us shape our careers. They say, best things in life are for free.

Find free courses to add on your profile.

3.Set goals for next year

Most of people set their goals when the year has already began but I think it should be proper to set the goals before the year begins so that you must start implementing them from day one.

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More Than 8000 Opinion Makers Wanted All Provinces and Other African Countries

Thank you for your interest in the SwitchedOn initiative, see how it works below and join the movement.

Can you answer YES to the following questions:

Would you like to be one of the more than 8000 people to get rewarded for their opinions?

Do you have a smartphone of a lap top?

Do you have enough time to work on questions to be sent to you via email?


If you have answered YES to all of the above questions, this is for you. SwitchedOn is looking for opinion makers. Opinion makers are people who have access to the internet on daily basis and you are willing to be rewarded for making their opinions.

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Make Your Opinion and Get Rewarded

Get Rewards for your Opinions

How this works

SwitchedOn is curious about the world of entertainment, current affairs, sport, and the technology you use when enjoying this kind of content .

We want to gauge your interests, opinions, and preferences when it comes to all things entertainment, which means that it’s impossible for you to give us a wrong answer.

We’ll even reward you for sharing your insights. Yes, you heard us right, you get awesome prizes by simply sharing your opinion.

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Make Your Opinion and Get Rewarded

Get Rewards for your Opinions


How do I Register

Registration is simple, Complete a Small Online Application Here

Remember to share this because is for all Africans.




Join over 3 million members worldwide

We have plenty on offer, and will continue to include more rewards you like.

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