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A Mandela Coin Was Once sold for R750 000: See What Happened Here


With the sale of the finest known rare Mandela Proof Inauguration for R750 000 there is a vacuum that exists between the one finest known specimen and the second finest known specimens in Proof-69 condition. Only 216 of these coins have been graded by PCGS and NGC. They are currently selling at R45 000 a coin and are a steal at that price. By then end of the year these coins should be selling with ease at around R100 000. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out that if a PF-70 sold for the price of R750 000 and there is only one, that with a ratio of 1-216 that the coins are very, very undervalued at R45 000.

This is the one and only specimen of the rare Inauguration R5 proof coins to be graded PF-70 or perfect. The coin was sold for US $99,337 or R750 000. We expect this coin to be valued at around R1.5 million by the end of the year and over R2 million by the end of 2009. The reverse or tails side of the world’s fastest appreciating rare coin in all of history. The coin as you can see is breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely flawless.
Every single time that there is a sale of a finest known in the country and this is then widely reported it alters the very architecture and the fabric of the entire world market. The most direct effect of the sale of a finest known coin is upon the coins of its very own type and grade. There will be intense focus by the media and also the public at large on all of the Proof Mandela R5 Inauguration coins once this article is placed onto our site and also released to the world media. New investors and collectors that contact our corporation will soon learn that there is only one of the PF-70 coins that sold and that it is not available for purchase they will then start to snap up the PF-69’s that are on the market. With there being only 216 of them worldwide the pressure that will be placed on these coins will be immense. Do not miss the opportunity to place a number of these into your portfolio if you do not have any. They will not be available on the market for long.

Nelson Mandela leaves the InterContinental Hotel after a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Terry O’Neil on June 26, 2008 in London, England. Mandela is in London in advance of the 46664 concert being held at Hyde Park on Friday the 27th June to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday.

We at S A COIN can feel confident with the predictions that we are making on the PF-69 coins for we were able to see the marketplace in action on the Mandela Proof coins in the exact same circumstance. When we released our latest newsletter The Coin Report we stated that the 5 specimens of the finest known Mandela proofs in PF-69 are estimated to be worth R500 000 each. The moment that the newsletter hit the marketplace the Mandela Proof 68’s the second finest known of these coins of which there are 179 specimens that have been graded by PCGS and NGC started to come under immense market pressure. They started the beginning of the year at R35 000 and they are now trading at R100 000 a coin if you can get them.

Nelson Mandela appears onstage during the 46664 Concert In Celebration Of Nelson Mandela’s Life held at Hyde Park on June 27, 2008 in London, England.

Once the marketplace learned that there were 5 finest known’s that were valued at R500 000 we had request after request from investors and also collectors who wanted to buy one. But when we contacted the owners of these coins no matter how high we made the offers on these coins they all refused to sell. Three of the owners told us that the Proof Mandela 69’s were for their pensions. When a man tells you that he is holding onto an investment for his pension there is just simply no higher compliment that you can pay any investment. That is the type of faith that we see from all South Africans from all walks of life strongly displayed in the rare Mandela R5 coins.

Our advice to all the investors and collectors that are reading this is to contact one of our brokers now and snap up as many of the rare Mandela Proof Inauguration R5 coins as you can before they disappear from the marketplace. There are only 514 of the rare Mandela Inauguration proof R5 coins that have been graded in all grades by PCGS and NGC. And all of them are going to come under increasing pressure to rise in value with all of the market attention that they are going to be getting.

Source: SA Coin

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Free Training in Content Marketing and Blogging

Content marketing and blogging has just become a thing for everyone possessing a smartphone or a computer. You might ask yourself how do I begin, how do I make money and this and that. The best way to get all the answers to your questions is to enroll on this course for free. See further below what you can learn and benefit from taking this free course.

Here are some of the lessons you will get

Content planning

One of the most import processes any content creator will develop is a content plan. It will help to deliver a consistent, high quality blog and is the start of crafting a sustainable content strategy. In a world that has an insatiable appetite for content, content curation is a way of adding value to our audience regularly.

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Content Marketing

We will investigate what content marketing is and give you a clear understanding as to why content has become so valuable to advertisers, brands and publishers. We aim to unravel what the perfect recipe for engaging content is, along with showing what some brands are doing that others aren’t.

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Managing a community of followers

As your blog starts to grow, learning how to engage with people that are reacting to your published content is crucial for your brand development. Sharing your own content online will give you advocates and critics, and being aware how to interact here will have a lasting impact for your reputation.

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Making Money from Your Blog/Monetization

Blogs have become the subject of millions of conversations, brand development and an online source of real value. We investigate the various ways that you can monetize your blog through case studies and examples. There is more than one way to generate revenue from your blog, and we will dig into some potential future options for you.


How to Register

All You need is to click here to enroll for a free training and it is an online training, no books, no travelling fees and it is free.

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Today It’s About Money Because “Money Matters”

As from today, we will be starting this section on this website where we will share more info about money matters. We will dedicate every Mondays and Fridays for “Money Matter” articles.

Our aim is to assist you to find ways to make money legally using your mobile phone or computer.

We understand that finding a job might not be that simple without some qualifications of some skills, so we sill make sure that this section of our website helps you find legal ways to make money that you might not see looking for a job as a necessity because we look for jobs to make money.

We will strive to get and gather information on  how you can start a home business without or with little costs. We say this because we know already there are a lot of ways to make money especially online without having any cost incurred. All you need is your smart phone or a computer with internet connection.

Here are 10  ways you can make money online using your mobile phone or computer.

1.Make money on Surveys

2.Make money on JustPlay [SA’s free competition site]

3.Make money on Forex

4.Make money with Snap n Save

5.Make money selling coins including Mandela Coins

6.Make Money with M4Jam

7.Make money and rewards with Feature Points

8.Make money promoting other people’s programs [that is Affiliate programmes]

9.Make money on Facebook

10.Make money with IFA [A division of Clientele Life]


The programmes mentioned above can help you to make some basic funds.

You can also take advantage of the following free trainings that will help you either to start a business or add some skills in your life.

For one to have a better CV, they must at least have some training certificates included in their applications. These courses may add some weight on your CV. Plus, they are offered free of charge.

You do not have to buy any books, no travelling required, you just enroll online and study anywhere your are. Yes, anywhere in the world. Any person from all countries world wide with internet access can register for these free courses.

Here is a list of trainings you can register and study for free online.

1.Diploma in Digital Marketing
2.Diploma in Nutrition
3.Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment
4.Diploma in Graphic Design
5.Diploma in Health and Fitness
6.Diploma in Web Development
7.Diploma in Weight Loss
8.Diploma in Photoshop
9.Diploma in Sports Nutrition
10.Diploma in App Development
11.Diploma in Photography
12.Written English for Emails and Online Communications
13.Job Seeking and CV Presentation

We hope that you will at least get one or two programmes that you can use to advance your life.

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Thanking you in advance and wishing you all the best.

Disclaimer: Information on this article does not serve as professional financial advice but just tips on some of the ways we have used and thinks that other people can use to make some extra cash at home.

Source: AfterMatric.co.za

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Learn How to Make Money on Social Media

There are already a number of ways to make money with social media. Every major social media outlet has in some way helped users turn their hobby into a business or turn their business into a bigger business. Here are 15 common ways people make money with social media.

Register for a Free Social Media Course and Start Making Money.

1. Tantalize Customers With Your Product On Pinterest

Small businesses can benefit in big ways from getting users to “pin” photos of their items on to their Pinterest boards. Create an account, engage in the community by pinning other people’s photos and upload photos that entice people to buy your product.

2. Run An Online Instagram Shop

If you have items that would be attractive to Instagram users, it’s relatively pain-free to set up a shop by connecting your account to the service inSelly.

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3. Copywriting

Twitter and Facebook can be great ways to show off your language and grammar skills. Prove yourself to be adept in the language of your choice to get yourself hired to write for a living.

4. Editing

Editors in particular have found success marketing themselves on social media, since services like Twitter and Facebook are great proofs of concept for their skills with the written word

5. Manage Social Media

There are a lot of companies seeking someone to handle their social media presence. Sadly a fair share of those positions are internships, but there are also many paid opportunities out there. Search “social media” on job boards to find results in your area.

A lot of new comedians birthed their career on Twitter. 140 character jokes or funny insights can gain you a lot of attention, so if you’re a particularly clever wordsmith consider giving comedy a shot to make money with social media.

7. Creative Writing

Fantasy author Neil Gaiman broke ground with A Calendar of Tales, for which he asked his large Twitter following to submit questions and turned some of their answers into short stories. You can do something similar that involves interacting with your audience, or even serialize a whole novel or short story over many posts.

8. Airbnb

Anyone can become a renter via Airbnb, which gives users a chance to rent places to stay in 190 different countries. Fast Company has a great write-up on how someone made a six-figure income through Airbnb.

9. Monetize A YouTube Channel

Not only can you make money with social media, you can turn yourself into a phenomenon. Just ask Grace Helbig, who’s developed a large audience through the hilarious videos she posts every week. She makes a significant sum just off ad revenue from her YouTube channel.

Register for a Free Social Media Course and Start Making Money

10. Become An Amazon Affiliate

When you join Amazon’s Affiliate Program, any sales made from a link you provide to Amazon will net you a small percentage. Cultivate a following and promote specific items on your blog, then include an affiliate link to the item on Amazon so that when a follower purchases something you’ll get paid.

11. Promote Posts

Get your sales pitches in front of more eyeballs with promoted posts, available through almost any social media service. It’ll cost you a little cash, sure, but it could net you huge rewards.

12. Sell Your Art

Tumblr and Instagram (Tumblr especially) are great places to post original artwork and get a lot of responses and shares. If your art starts going viral, you can turn that interest into income by selling prints and other merchandise through an online store like Etsy or Big Cartel.

Register for a Free Social Media Course and Start Making Money

13. Sell Rights To Your Photos

If you take good enough photos, people will pay you to use them! Flickr is a popular place to view photos, and this WikiHow explains how to sell the photos you’ve posted there. You can also license them under Creative Commons, which won’t net you any money but will expose your photographs to a wider audience.

14. Demonstrate Your Musical Abilities On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the best places to get your music noticed, and I’m not just talking about the near-impossible goal of becoming a rock star. If you know how to come up with a catchy jingle, you can post it on SoundCloud to get clients flocking to you to create music for their commercials, radio ads, etc.

How to Enroll

Register for a Free Social Media Course and Start Making Money

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How to Earn Extra Income Using Your Mobile Phone: Change Your Life Read More Here

If you can read this using your mobile phone, this is for you. Use your phone to make money and change your life.

A lot of people are finding this article beneficial because when done reading it, they get to change the way they use their mobile phones.
The usual way of using your phone is for receiving messages and making calls, that’s about to change.

Did you know that you can use your mobile phone to make some money for yourself?
Oh, yes you can, read further and do not leave this page without registering and start making money using your mobile phone.

With your mobile phone, you can make money by just completing small surveys. There are companies waiting for your opinions and they can also pay you if you complete the surveys successfully.

Start today with Surveynow.co.za, open a free account and start accessing a bunch of surveys. Each survey you complete means money in. You can accumulate as much as you can.

Here is how it works
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After completing the mini form, you will have access to surveys that you can start completing and make money.

So, the best thing is to start now by completing a mini form here.

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