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Where to Get MATRIC Results: Get Your Results Now

The department of basic education will be releasing the class of 2017 National Senior Certificate matric results on 5 January 2018.

In 2017, 803,636 pupils registered to write the matric exams, of which 634,527 were full-time, while 168,109 were part-time candidates. These include 104,001 matriculants who were pushed through despite failing Grade 11.

Education body Umalusi council, said on Sunday that there was a steady upward trend in maths and science marks.  For the 2016 year, Umalusi said it did not change the marks for physical science, but adjusted the results of the matric exams for maths, maths literacy, and life sciences upwards.

Following last year’s adjustment, 51.1% of the 2016 matric class passed maths, 71.3% passed maths literacy, and 70.5% life science. Physical science, which was not adjusted, had a pass rate of 62%.

The Independant Examination Board (IEB) Exam results will be available from midnight 3 January 2018. The IEB offers examinations for various client schools, mostly private schools.

The IEB boasted a matric pass rate of 98.67% for 2016, up from the 98.30% in 2015.

How to get your results

Learners can access their results (or register to receive them) in the following ways:

  • Learners can access their results directly by logging onto the Department of Basic Education’s website here. Alternatively students who took the IEB examinations can access their results from the IEB website here.
  • A number of online news websites will publish the results, including News24’s Matric Results page, which offers learners a chance to win R10,000.
  • Learners can also sign up to the SABC’s SMS service: SMS the learner’s ID and Student number to 35658 or dial *120*35658# to register. The SMS will tell learners if they have passed or not, while the USSD system (*120*35658#) will deliver the more detailed results.
  • For learners who do not have access to the Internet or a cellphone, the results will also be available in the morning papers, as well as from the schools or learning facilities at which the exams were written.
  • You can also contact the Department of Education directly by dialing 082 152 to receive your matric results.


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Announcement of The 2017 Matric Results January 2018

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is expected to announce the 2017 National Senior Certificate (NSC) matric results at the SABC’s Auckland Park offices on Thursday afternoon.

A “technical briefing” is scheduled to start at 16:00, when the processes surrounding the examinations is expected to be discussed.

The official release of the matric results is scheduled to start at 18:00.

A reported 789 289 pupils wrote the examinations – 37 828 less than the number who wrote in 2016.

In 2016, 72.5% passed the NSC examination – a 1.8 percentage point increase from 2015’s 70.7% pass rate.

The number of progressed pupils – pupils who advanced to matric after failing a grade 11 twice – is expected to once again make a dramatic impact on the pass rate.

In 2016, more than 100 000 of the roughly 800 000 matriculants were progressed pupils.

Without the progressed pupils, the 2016 pass rate was 76.2% compared 74% in 2015.

Pupils are “progressed” to “ensure learners don’t get frustrated and drop out,” the education department’s Dr Rufus Poliah previously said.

However, pupils are still required to pass the NSC examinations to pass.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) said it would attend the announcement ceremony and congratulated matriculants on their hard work over the past year.

“It is imperative to know whether there has been any progress made in the performance of our schooling system at the senior level, especially given that 41% of the learners enrolled in Grade 10 in 2015 did not enrol for matric in 2017,” DA education spokesperson Nomsa Marchesi said in a statement.

“The DA is committed to the provision of quality basic education and will continue the fight to ensure that all our children have access to it.”

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Source: News24

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Things to Do With Your Matric Results [Pass or Fail]

After receiving your matric results, you might get confused on what to do next. Whether it’s a pass or fail, there is something you can do with your matric results.
How your matric pass can shape your future 
The type of pass level you obtained at the end of matric determines whether you will study at a university, university of technology or TVET college.

If you passed with a Higher Certificate Pass, you can attend any of the following tertiary institutions after you complete Grade 12:

  • A bridging course at an TVET college.
  • Trade schools like beauty schools, chef schools or IT colleges.
  • In-house training in various industries.

You can also apply for manual or administrative positions at various companies.

If you passed with a Diploma Pass, you can enrol for:

  • Bridging courses at TVET colleges.
  • Diploma courses at various universities, and universities of technology.

Since universities of technology focus on practical learning, you’ll usually find that a diploma is shorter than a university degree, but includes a much larger practical component.

1.Study at University

If you passed with a Bachelor’s Pass, you can study at any tertiary institution in South Africa, as long as you have met the requirements for your chosen field of study.

When you have an idea about what you want to study, do a little research about the job security, demand, and work availability in that field so that you can make an informed decision about your future. You can get assisted by EduCourses for free to find the right course to study.
2. Apply for Bursaries to fund your studies
Various tertiary institutions offer bursaries (with varying opening and closing dates) that will help you further your studies. You can find some more information here. However, be sure to contact them directly for other alternatives as well.

3. Apply for Learnerships and Begin Training While Earning Income

A learnership programme could be a good start for you if you did not manage to get a bursary. A learnership is a programme where people with just grade 12 can be offered some training for a certain period but also getting an income at the same time.

After completing your learnership programme, you are supposed to get a certificate indicating the unit standards you have completed. With this certificate, you can use to apply for a job or use it to complement your other academic results to gain access to tertiary training. To find recent learnerships click here or use the search button to find positions available posted on this website.

Source: Westerncape.gov.za

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All you have to do is sign up.

Minister Motshekga will release the examination results on the evening of 4 January 2018.

Candidates will be able to access their results from Friday 5 January 2018 through the DBE website and through the various media outlets through which the results will be made available.

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How to Get 2017 Matric Results in 2018

Be the first one to access your matric results in January 2018. Look out for places to get your matric results.

Here are Four Ways to Check Your Matric Results

1. Online

Bear in mind that website traffic will be high on the release date, so expect delayed response times.

  • Log on to the Department of Basic Education’s website here.

You will need the following to log in:

  • Exam number (don’t misplace this during the holiday!)
  • Home Language
  • Your personal details (name, surname, etc.)

If you attended a public/government school, then your results will definitely be available on this site.

2. The Newspaper

Your results will be published in the Newspaper on the day of the results release. It will be in all of the big Newspaper brands, like The RapportThe Argus and The Star.

Remember it will not be your full results. It will just state whether or not you passed and with what symbol you passed – B for Bachelors PassD for Diploma, etc.

3. Your High School

A day after the initial results are released, your school will give you your results. This is not the official matric certificate, it’s just your results for each subject. You will be able to fetch your official matric certificate in a few months – once it has been printed in full. If you are eager to get exact dates you should contact your school to find out further information.

4. Your Cellphone

You can use your cellphone (or someone else’s) to receive your results. SABC Education and the Department of Basic Education have provided a service that allows you to get an SMS with your results.  Yep, it’s pretty awesome!  You can register and have your results sent to you as soon as they are released.  How?

You have two options:

  • Register via SMS
    • Send your ID number and exam number to 35658
    • You’ll get a confirmation SMS once you’ve successfully registered.
    • SMSes cost R1 and free SMSes don’t apply
    • Get your results immediately when they are released
  • Use the USSD service
    • Dial *120*35658# on the release date
    • Answer a few multiple questions
    • Enter your ID number
    • You will get your results per subject
    • USSD rates apply

What to do if you have failed Matric

The first step that you need to take is to determine why you failed your exams. Think about it and be extremely honest with yourself. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I go out on the town or sit around watching TV when I should have been studying?
  • Did I think I was too cool  to study and now I regret it?
  • Did I study hard enough?
  • Did I participate in class throughout the year or did I try to make up everything at the end of the year?
  • Did I think it was going to be easy and I didn’t put the effort in?
  • Did I become frustrated and give up?
  • Was I too sick to write my exams or was there a personal crisis in my life that prevented me from finishing?

How to get courses to study

EduCourses can assist you to get courses to study in 2018 from various institution. This service is provided free by EduCourses.

Please register yourself to get assisted by EduCourses here.

You can also register for short skills courses at The Shaw Academy. These courses are offered online and most of them last for about a month. The free short courses can help you to get new skills and can help you discover new business ventures.

You can register at the Shaw Academy here.

How to Register

SMS or send a WhatApp with the word “Free Courses” to 0793852029 we will send more info to you.


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