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WIN R500 Airtime: What Could You Do with R500 Airtime

WIN R500 Airtime: What Could You Do with R500 Airtime?

You do not have to answer this. We know airtime is so important for your job and opportunity hunting. You could buy enough data to browse the internet. You can do whatever you want. Transfer to a friend or family. It is your airtime.

The good news is that you do not have to spend anything to WIN this because competition entrance is FREE.

Enter here. Register once and enter as many times as you can to stand a great chance to WIN this R500 airtime.

Feeling excited about this? Tell your friends about it, share with them via social media.

We really want you to WIN this.

Good luck friend.

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R20 000 Cash By 31 August

WIN R20 000 Cash By 31 August. All you need to do is have faith, enter the competition free. Register Once and Enter as many times as you can. And hold your finders. This R20 000 cash can be yours by 31 August. You have a chance to enter as many times as you can before the end of the said date. Enter the competition free here.

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Get R1000 Spar Tops Voucher on 6 June Free Entrance

Get R1000 Spar Tops Voucher on 6 June Free Entrance. Note this is a free competition and no money is requested from you to enter this competition. Join Once and enter as many times as possible to stand great chance to win…

Win R1000 Spar Voucher

Andy Khavhela just won R20 000 in hard cash. If you need to boost your pocket, be like him and make your entry here. You could be walking to the bank to collect a R20 000 or R30 000. You can use the money for whatever you need, it’s your money. But remember, to get it you must play first. To play, you must register yourself here.

Who does’t want the feeling of owning an iPhone. The slickness of the companion, the clear photos and the speed when taking those selfies. You gotta love having this.

My personal favorite is the Polo Vivothis Polo Vivo is for Grabs. The competition is ending 30 November and the winner will be announce on 1 December 2017. If you don’t believe you can win, just make one entrance and forget about it. But if you really love to win, play as many as you can. I am also playing, maybe I will get it. Haha! but I want you to have it coz I already have plenty wheels but who does’t want a free wheel!.

Win R1000 Electricity Voucher

R1000 Electricity Voucher

Enter The Competition Now

Win a R5,000 Dell Notebook

Win R20,000 Cash worth R20,000

Win a R2,000 Checkers Voucher worth R2,000

Win R5,000 Cash worth R5,000

Win a R1,000 at Home Voucher worth R1,000

Win a Weekend Away worth R3,000

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Register for Free Study Updates

Education can open gates to the brighter future. That is why we at aftermatric.co.za strive to get you the best information in advancing your career.

Your start must not always be big. You can start small and grow big in time.


One thing you have to do is to make sure you are ready to get started. Register yourself for courses updates.

A lot of people have not complete their career paths not because they can’t just because they lacked information.

Career guidance is an important part of making a good career decision.

Register yourself to see what kind of courses you can find.

Find courses

Register for courses in South Africa

South African college courses.


Your future is bright, We can make it brighter

Your future is bright, We can make it brighter

Unemployment in South Africa and the demand for qualified employees are at an all-time high.

Educourses.co.za is here to help you improve your career prospects by finding the course you need to stand out from the crowds. We partner with top institutions and colleges in South Africa and can help you find the right course, at the right price in record time.

Whether you want to study online, part-time or full time, we can help you find the best options out there with the click of a button and a follow-up call.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll help to put you on the road to success.

Enter your details once

Choose the course you want to study

Receive quotes from top educators

Advance your career

Find a course

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Win R500 Worth of Data or R500 Pizza Voucher

Are you feeling the cost of expensive data from network providers?. Do you want some kind of relieve?

Yes you can get that relieve, get R500 free data for playing here for free.

Win Data worth R500

Some people have already won the massive prizes what about you, but not to worry you could still join the winners’ list by entering the prizes below.

These are all the prizes available to be won right now. New list of prizes are added all the time. You choose which prize you want to enter to win. Remember, you can enter as many times as you like – for free. Find out how to also get Bonus Entries for your favourite prizes. If you’re looking for prizes that have already been drawn, please go to the Winners’ ListJust start playing … good luck!

See More Prizes

Play Now, it is free

Win R500 Data

Win R500 Pizza Voucher

Win R500 Fast Food Voucher

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