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This is a free training  provided by one of the best online training providers. More than 500 000 people world wide have already done this course. So this is your chance to shine. Register for free for this course.
Here below are some of the lessons to learn if you take this course:
Introduction To BloggingThis lesson is an introduction to the course and the current world of blogging. We discuss some of the influential bloggers that have developed brands and businesses from blogging. We begin to look at the various platforms that one can use to start blogging today.

Content marketing
We will investigate what content marketing is and give you a clear understanding as to why content has become so valuable to advertisers, brands and publishers. We aim to unravel what the perfect recipe for engaging content is, along with showing what some brands are doing that others aren’t.
Making money on your blog
Blogs have become the subject of millions of conversations, brand development and an online source of real value. We investigate the various ways that you can monetize your blog through case studies and examples. There is more than one way to generate revenue from your blog, and we will dig into some potential future options for you.
Managing online followers
As your blog starts to grow, learning how to engage with people that are reacting to your published content is crucial for your brand development. Sharing your own content online will give you advocates and critics, and being aware how to interact here will have a lasting impact for your reputation.
How to register
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