Apply for CSIR International Scholarships for 2018

The CSIR, in partnership with the Cambridge Commonwealth European and International Trust (CCEIT), offers students an opportunity to pursue PhD studies at the University of Cambridge, UK.

CSIR South Africa Cambridge Scholarship

The programme is called the CSIR South Africa Cambridge Scholarship. The initiative aims to provide the country’s emerging researchers with international training and exposure in science, engineering and technology.

Why study at the University of Cambridge?

The University is regularly ranked as one of the best in the world

Its lecturers and researchers are world-leading experts and the University offers superb resources and facilities.


South African citizens who intend to study towards a PhD in science, engineering or technology at the University of Cambridge.

How to apply

  • Apply to the University of Cambridge via its website
  • Applications open between October and December for the following year
  • Those accepted for admission are considered for the scholarship
  • Final selection of scholars is made jointly by the CSIR and CCEIT

What the scholarship covers

Successful applicants will receive funding for three years, sufficient to cover:


  • Tuition fees
  • Annual Stipend (sufficient for a single person)
  • Return airfare once a year

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