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How to Improve English for Job Seeking Purpose

It is important that a job-seeker know how to present themselves for the purpose of finding that dream job. Unfortunately, English is a common language we use to communicate with the potential employers. But luckily, there is a free course that can help you improve your English skills and make a better presentation to the potential employers.

In this course, you will be reintroduced to the basics of the English language, which will prepare you for the lessons to come. You will also practice sounding polite in your spoken English.

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Some lessons to be covered includes:

Spoken English Lessons

You will learn those all-important skills for speaking English. We will focus on your telephone manner and how to use your voice to sound more fluent. This will be supported by the future tenses for scheduling events and exposure to modal verbs for permission and advice. Click Here to register for free

Written English for Emails and Online Communications

Now we will equip you with all the skills you need to improve your written English, with a focus on professional emails. We will cover stylistic conventions, connectors and linking devices, and everything you need to know about English punctuation.

Job Seeking and CV Presentation

Lesson 8 will expose you to the process of applying for jobs, with helpful tips and common mistakes. We will help you create the perfect CV and tailor it to each potential employer. You will also acquire the key skills to sell yourself in an interview, with plenty of sample questions to practise.

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