Free Training in Content Marketing and Blogging

Content marketing and blogging has just become a thing for everyone possessing a smartphone or a computer. You might ask yourself how do I begin, how do I make money and this and that. The best way to get all the answers to your questions is to enroll on this course for free. See further below what you can learn and benefit from taking this free course.

Here are some of the lessons you will get

Content planning

One of the most import processes any content creator will develop is a content plan. It will help to deliver a consistent, high quality blog and is the start of crafting a sustainable content strategy. In a world that has an insatiable appetite for content, content curation is a way of adding value to our audience regularly.

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Content Marketing

We will investigate what content marketing is and give you a clear understanding as to why content has become so valuable to advertisers, brands and publishers. We aim to unravel what the perfect recipe for engaging content is, along with showing what some brands are doing that others aren’t.

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Managing a community of followers

As your blog starts to grow, learning how to engage with people that are reacting to your published content is crucial for your brand development. Sharing your own content online will give you advocates and critics, and being aware how to interact here will have a lasting impact for your reputation.

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Making Money from Your Blog/Monetization

Blogs have become the subject of millions of conversations, brand development and an online source of real value. We investigate the various ways that you can monetize your blog through case studies and examples. There is more than one way to generate revenue from your blog, and we will dig into some potential future options for you.


How to Register

All You need is to click here to enroll for a free training and it is an online training, no books, no travelling fees and it is free.

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