For All First Year Students: Read This in Full You Won’t Regret

If only this was available during my time of study, I would now be debt free. I went to University using the NSFAS Loan of which I am still struggling to repay it. Even though NSFAS don’t give students tough times, knowing that you have a debt it always talk to your conscious.

Now I have came across what is called Graduate Debt Free (GDF). Read more below to understand how Graduate Debt Free works and I bet you will take one.

What is this Graduate Debt Free all about?

For the first time ever, students who are currently in their first year of their studies will be able to take out GDF cover whereby upon graduation, GDF will settle your student loan, allowing you to Graduate Debt Free!

If a parent or sponsor is paying for your university studies, imagine the joy they will get out of receiving the fees they’ve paid towards your studies, which were covered by GDF, back as a reward for believing in you and supporting your studies.

If you are currently putting yourself through University, imagine how you are going to feel when you receive all those fees back as a lump sum payment when you graduate! New car, overseas holiday, savings for a rainy day, you decide!

Hey, this is a great deal and it can be more rewarding since you know that most degrees ranges between three to four years.

Graduate Debt Free (GDF)

Get all You Money Back When You Graduate

Be Debt Free When You Graduate

Imagine all the fees you pay for your own studies for 3 or 4 years paid back to your account when you graduate!

I bet this is a real deal for all South African students. No more worrying about tuition fee increase because you know that whatever you pay you will get it back. Plus it is a motivation that you must finish your course.

How do I join

Complete a small online form and a consultant from GDF will call you.

Graduate Debt Free (GDF)

Get all You Money Back When You Graduate

Be Debt Free When You Graduate

Upload all the necessary required documents and start paying for the cover and you are good to receive your tuition money back when you graduate. It’s like getting a free education.

The first step is to complete this form.

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