How to Decide on Items to Buy on BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY Deals

Black Friday deals can left you with a lot of unwanted stuff if you are not specific on what you are looking for.

Going in with a list will let you find and buy items quicker, and stops you from purchasing goods you don’t need – which is likely in the frenzy of a sale.

Now, here is a quick help in making your decision:


If you are to buy clothes during the Black Friday deals period, be careful of taking clothes that you will not use. For instance you might take wrong sizes because you are in a rush or you just wanna buy because they said 80% off. It is  always wise to compare the prices now or before the day of the deal.

Also it is advisable to buy online as you will have time with yourself to decide on the clothes you want.

You might as well subscribe for updates via email so that you get deals sent to you on or before the Black Friday deal opens.

MRP offers a free newsletter that you can join to receive specials as they become available including the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Gadgets and Electronics

Black Friday is so tempting, you might buy stuff that you don’t even know what they are used for. So be careful when selecting from a range of gadgets and electronics. Decide whether you want an iPhone, a tablet or a new lap top before you go to the shop. This way, you will find value for the stuff you bought.

Make sure you check the specifications online on the merchant’s website before you go to the store a day or two before deals day.

Bedding and Home Appliances

Always know what you really need before you make a purchasing decision. Go to merchant’s website and browse around. During the day of the deal, just go straight to the item you have decided to buy.

Homechoice offers a range of bedding and home appliances that you can always get on affordable terms. Check Homechoice’s website before the Black Friday and take advantage of the specials they have.


Food is for daily consumption and there is no way you can live without. Be watchful when buying food items. Make sure you look for the expiry date on every item you take.

Make sure that you take not more than enough for your fridge. Imagine loading your fridge to full capacity but still have half a load of items that are supposed to be stored inside the fridge. That will be a waste and a total disaster.

Black Friday Checkers and Pick n Pay Vouchers

If you can’t find goods you were looking for at a particular store, there is always hope that you can also find it online on the merchant’s website. Most of the Black Friday Deals sold over the weekend up to Sundays. And some stores extends the deals to Mondays as called Cyber Monday Deals. These deals are only accessible via the online stores.

So are you ready for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?

Go get it.

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