How to Find a Job As a Social Media Markerter

How to Find a Social Media Job

Today, we live is a digital age where anyone and everyone loves to see their presence in the social media. By everyone I am including businesses that are so wanting to penetrate this social media arena. This is where you have to come in. With available free training in Social Media Management, you just got the right tools to make it in this industry.

So, what exactly do you have to do? The following are suggested steps to take in order to get that job in the social media industry.

1.Get a free training in Social Media Marketing

The Shaw Academy offers you a one month free trial to register for one free course. And I suggest you register for a Diploma in Social Media marketing.

2.Think Outside the Job Board Box. Start with the Mediabistro job board, and then check out sites like Mashable for a nice selection of industry-specific sites gigs.

3. Look for Related Positions. O’Keefe says that jobs in the field don’t always have “social media” in their titles, so keep an eye out for variations, like “link builder” and “community manager,” which often incorporate the same duties.

4. Let the Gatekeepers Find You. If you build it—an awesome and professional online presence, that is—they will come. Market yourself as an expert in the field through your own Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr pages.

5. Follow the Leaders. Find out who has the job you want and friend them. That’s the best way to find out about news in the field, and most importantly, potential openings.

Sign up one free course in Social media Marketing and stand a good chance to be a successful Social Media Entrepreneur.

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