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Employment at KFC Area Coach Position

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A vacancy exists in the Equity Operations Department for an Area Coach, reporting to the Operations Director and/or the Regional Coach.

The key functions of these roles is responsibility for the operations of company owned restaurants within a designated area, including the maximisation of sales, profits and efficiencies, implementation of marketing programmes, attainment of Company operating standards for the customer, operations, facilities, employment practices, coaching, support and development of management and restaurant team members.


  • Promote Yum!’s How We Win Together principles acting as a role model and providing leadership and coaching on an ongoing basis
  • Manage the area in accordance with Company Policies and Procedures including directing the activities of employees in maximising sales, customer service (GES, ROCC, CHAMPS), operating standards, operating efficiency and profit
  • Assume primary responsibility for the correct implementation of Employee and Customer Safety in restaurants within through monitoring of restaurant performance, enforcing standards, ensuring observance of procedures and allocation of financial resources. Direct responsibility for investigating serious incidents and accidents and recommending appropriate corrective actions to Market Manager. Ensure all employees are provided with the appropriate training and resources to ensure customer and employee safely
  • Maximise sales and profit through operational excellence, effective implementation of marketing promotions and identifying, recommending and implementing sales growth opportunities, coordinate price changes, alert Market Manager to competitive activities within area and recommend action
  • Ensure effective forecasting and scheduling labour, food costs and other areas of the P&L and to ensure tasks are only undertaken by those employees certified to perform them
  • Oversee restaurant staffing functions and ensure the effective recruitment, selection, training and development of management and team members in conjunction with Human Resources representatives. Use effective Bench Planning to drive optimum management and stability in area
  • Maintain and develop restaurants within the Area to the highest standards of product quality and CHAMPS Standards. Recommend and implement action plans to ensure continued progress in all elements of GES and operation excellence (including ROCC)
  • Evaluate performance of Restaurant Management in area against established targets. Coach and support individuals to improve performance and meet targets. Ensure achievement of monthly objectives for restaurants within the area
  • Oversee prompt and appropriate resolution of all complaints (inspections by third parties (eg: health inspectors), customers and employees, etc.) within the area. Inform Supervisor of serious matters and other issues that may result in legal action
  • Oversee management training and designated certification, including Developing Champions, Traineeships and Team Member Training
  • Ensure that controls and procedures including but not limited to security and cash control are implemented to protect the security of employees and company funds
  • Ensure that management and staff are aware of company policies and procedures and implement company programs initiated by various departments
  • Other duties as required

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