Makro’s m-STUDENT Programme

The m-STUDENT program is designed to generate extra funds for the school and save you more so that you can live better.

How it works?

This programme REWARDS SCHOOLS by giving them a percentage of the profits, made on purchases from parents who have linked their Makro access card to the school on our system.

All you need to do is link your Makro access card to the programme! If you do not have a Makro access card, simply apply for your free card today.

Once your card is linked to a school, the school will benefit every time you shop at Makro by receiving a pay-out every 6 months!

It is important to note that whilst you are welcome to use your access card at any Makro store, only purchases from the store closest to you school will be acknowledged for the pay-out.

How will your child benefit?

Your child’s school can purchase anything they need from Makro including bond paper for the copier, a new printer or computer for the office or computer room, school books, stationery, paint to make classrooms and offices look as good as new, food and refreshments for their tuckshop, catering equipment, tools for the handyman, a lawnmower for the gardens and so more!

Everything under one roof

The advantages are two-fold, you can raise money for your child’s school as well as get everything you need for your home, leisure or business all under one roof.

At Makro you will find 55 000 quality branded products at low prices. We have a wide assortment of products including stationery, TV’s, appliances, computes and communication, home décor, groceries, cleaning product, fresh fruit, vegetable and meat at selected stores, liquor and so much more!

Source: Markro

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