Marketing and Social Media Assistant Intern

Marketing & Social Media Assistant (Intern)

Social Media: A high level of autonomy.

Manage and respond to all queries across UKZN social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

This is to be done on a daily basis and during the course of the day.

Post a minimum of three interactive postings per day that encourage student engagement.

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Ensure that the online feedback analytics platform for each social network is regularly visited in order to inform campaign activities moving forward.

This should be checked at least once a week. Manage the online reputation of UKZN on all levels in consultation with any of the Social Media Managers.

Ensure close coordination between all relevant departments such as marketing, publications, events– on a daily basis in order to craft textured campaigns.

Craft the full-year’s social media plan ensuring that it touches and is parallel to the marketing office’s objectives and builds UKZN as an institution of choice for students.

Draft reports on stats of each platform as and when required by Managers.

Set up campaign calendars, create monthly progress reports and campaign summary reports for major campaigns during the year.

Maximise online presence by implementing creative, strategic and tactical online marketing activities and graphics in order to leverage a higher level of interactivity for students and community members on our platforms.

Be aware of and be price sensitive to the overall marketing budget when planning prizes for competitions.

Monitor and engage, when necessary, in brand related online conversations.

Meet weekly with brand and public relations teams to discuss trends, postings, article reviews, etc.

Marketing & CRD: A lower level of autonomy

Be of general assistance to any unit within CRD, and have a keenness to learn and be of support if all daily activities relating to your core responsibilities are complete.

Work and shadow the Marketing Co-ordiantor/CRD official and assist with any requests that he/she may have along with taking initiative to identify gaps where you could be of assistance.

Document and keep careful records of all activities prior to handing over to the Marketing office on a monthly basis.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must send applications via email to

Reference No: MAI01/2018

Closing date: 16 March 2018

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