Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) Why Must I Join Now

Every month, more than a thousand [1000] people are enrolled to upgrade their skills of some of the most wanted short courses.

The short courses includes some of the best and useful courses in the current digital age.

Who doesn’t want to be among the smart group?

These cources helps individuals to see opportunities in different angles.

For an example, if you enroll for a Digital Marketing Course, you can start to penetrate the digital marketing world and make extra cash for yourself. It is the same as for Social Media Marketing Course. With the social media marketing course, you can get the know how of boosting your business via social media. You can even start a new social media business using the social networks that is already existing.

For those who love to maintain a healthy life or make some adjustments, there is a course for that. Through a Weight Loss Management Course or a Nutritional Programme you can help yourself and friends who would like to loose weight by identifying and consuming the right diets and encouraging health behavior.

Wan’t to add some skills on your computer knowledge? Well, there is an excellent excel programme meant just for that. You might think you know all about excel but there are some fascinating stuff that you have to tap into.


Every individual is a leader in one way or another. Be it being a parent, a class prefect, a stokvel committee member or any other position, you deserve to up-skill your leadership skills. We understand some people are born leaders but there are some dynamics about people that you are leading that you have to master. So, that is why there is a Leadership Programme to help leaders tap into the leadership potential.

These and other courses are some of the courses that people all over the world are taking advantage of now while they are still free. Get a free 1 month trial by registering or enrolling for one course free. You are not just enrolling with a no body, you are enrolling with the best in the massive open online courses, That is The Shaw Academy. Enroll Now for Free.

How to Register

SMS or send a WhatApp with the word “Free Courses” to 0793852029 we will send more info to you.

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