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Today It’s About Money Because “Money Matters”

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As from today, we will be starting this section on this website where we will share more info about money matters. We will dedicate every Mondays and Fridays for “Money Matter” articles.

Our aim is to assist you to find ways to make money legally using your mobile phone or computer.

We understand that finding a job might not be that simple without some qualifications of some skills, so we sill make sure that this section of our website helps you find legal ways to make money that you might not see looking for a job as a necessity because we look for jobs to make money.

We will strive to get and gather information on  how you can start a home business without or with little costs. We say this because we know already there are a lot of ways to make money especially online without having any cost incurred. All you need is your smart phone or a computer with internet connection.

Here are 10  ways you can make money online using your mobile phone or computer.

1.Make money on Surveys

2.Make money on JustPlay [SA’s free competition site]

3.Make money on Forex

4.Make money with Snap n Save

5.Make money selling coins including Mandela Coins

6.Make Money with M4Jam

7.Make money and rewards with Feature Points

8.Make money promoting other people’s programs [that is Affiliate programmes]

9.Make money on Facebook

10.Make money with IFA [A division of Clientele Life]


The programmes mentioned above can help you to make some basic funds.

You can also take advantage of the following free trainings that will help you either to start a business or add some skills in your life.

For one to have a better CV, they must at least have some training certificates included in their applications. These courses may add some weight on your CV. Plus, they are offered free of charge.

You do not have to buy any books, no travelling required, you just enroll online and study anywhere your are. Yes, anywhere in the world. Any person from all countries world wide with internet access can register for these free courses.

Here is a list of trainings you can register and study for free online.

1.Diploma in Digital Marketing
2.Diploma in Nutrition
3.Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment
4.Diploma in Graphic Design
5.Diploma in Health and Fitness
6.Diploma in Web Development
7.Diploma in Weight Loss
8.Diploma in Photoshop
9.Diploma in Sports Nutrition
10.Diploma in App Development
11.Diploma in Photography
12.Written English for Emails and Online Communications
13.Job Seeking and CV Presentation

We hope that you will at least get one or two programmes that you can use to advance your life.

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Thanking you in advance and wishing you all the best.

Disclaimer: Information on this article does not serve as professional financial advice but just tips on some of the ways we have used and thinks that other people can use to make some extra cash at home.

Source: AfterMatric.co.za

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