My 3pexcel Testimony: I made R11 000 in One Month

Today I just wanna share my testimony about 3pexcel.

Hello, I am Adam Malapa, I am a member of 3pexcel.

I joined 3pexcel on the 22nd of September with 3 accounts for R1200 each. One for myself🕺🏻, my wife💃🏾 and my son🤸🏽‍♂,  the total amount of money I made so far is above R11 000 💰with these 3 accounts.

I make sure that I maximise the profit in this business.

More than 4 of my downliners have already completed stage 1, they are now on stage 2. My upliner just withdrawn stage 2 bonus because of our team effort.

What if I said NO to this business? I am glad that I took the right decision to secure my kids’ future by joining 3pexcel.

We are here to welcome you to our team and grow together with you. Make the right decision and join our Bonus Smashers team. We will guide you all the way up. We will add people under your team to grow with you.

See the screenshot below for my 3 accounts.

Get in contact with us

Contact any Admin of this group

Contact me privately on Whatsapp.

I am on Telegram Adam Malapa

Whatsapp 0827925608



To join send the word “3pexcel” via Whatsapp to 0827925608

Going out to recruit for my team now.🚶🏾‍♂🚶🏾‍♂

I want to get something from the Big Launch this December. One must have some 13th cheque for himself.

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