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I Will Never Look for a Job Again: Let Me Tell You Why

The reason we look for jobs is because we want financial freedom, we want to earn money. But what if there are ways to make money without looking for a job? Would you consider those ways if they are legit, legal and beneficial?

The only correct answer is YES, yes because if not you will be loosing out.


Here are opportunities you can use to make money without looking for a job.


1.Join IFA, Make Extra Income Just Inviting people

You can make up to R3600 on your first month [hard workers only]

IFA is a network marketing programme and it is a marketing division of Clientele Life. What happens here is that you make money for just introducing people to IFA, yes it is that simple. You can invite your friends, family members or colleagues. Just invite these people and attend a presentation conducted by IFA presenter and start making money immediately when you join and start introducing people.

Click Here to Join IFA and Start Making Money without looking for a Job


2.Make Extra Cash by Joining Free Online Polls/Surveys

People are getting paid just for their opinion. There are a lot of companies conducting surveys for their products and they are looking for people just like you to give an opinion and they pay you for that, yes you get paid for completing a survey.
Click Here to Start Making Money on Surveys

3.Make Extra Cash by Entering Free Competitions

You might never know your lucky day, there are free-to-enter and play competitions available for South Africans online. Just take some chance and see if you can get yourself some cool prizes ranging from cash money, shopping voucher to brand new cars. Yep, you can win, only if you play and it is absolutely free.


It’s time to make your dreams come true! start playing >>

Win cash each month

Hi there
We know, we know. There’s no such thing as easy money, right? WRONG! With Justplay you can win R20,000 this June to spend whichever way you want. Go on holiday, buy an instrument, renovate your kitchen, or buy as many bunnies as you want… really, it’s yours, we won’t judge you.

And winning it is easy. Promise. Just sign up to Justplay and start playing. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning so keep playing.

Yours in fun and prizes
The Justplay team


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I hope you gonna use these opportunities like me.

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