You Can Now Send Your CV to Harmony Gold for Learnership Positions at Bambanani Mine

Harmony Gold Mining Company is looking to fill Electrical and Fitting Artisan learnership opportunities at Bambanani Mine in the Free State.

Harmony Gold was incorporated 62 years ago and is one of the largest gold mining companies in the world and the third largest gold producer in South Africa. Harmony is a multi-listed company and its primary listing is on the JSE. Harmony operates mines in South Africa and Papua New Guinea.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Follow a Learnership programme which contains both off-the-job and on-the-job training
  • Drive your own training programme and actively get involved in your development
  • Undertake the relevant trade test and pass successfully
  • Travel on own expense to the training provider, shafts and plants in the region to obtain training as required in your programme
  • Be an ambassador for the company and always adhere to a strict code of conduct


  • Full N2 qualification or Technical Grade 12 Certificate with the relevant trade theory and engineering drawing relevant to the specific Learnership/Trade
  • Previous service persons experience will be an added advantage for the Electrical and Fitting Trades
  • Medically fit
  • Undergo required psychometric assessments
  • Passion to “make it happen”

How to apply

Closing date is 27 March 2017. Click here to apply online

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Wanna Work at Joburg Water: They are Hiring Send CV

Johannesburg Water is offering a one year Internship Programme in the following discipline.

1. Supply Chain [x2]National Diploma in Procurement / Supply Chain Management or B Com Degree

2. Wastewater Treatment Works [x1]BSc with Biochemistry, Chemistry or Microbiology or a B Tech in Wastewater
3. Microbiology [x1]BSc Microbiology cor S4 Microbiology or S4 Biotechnology
4.Chemistry [x6]BSc Chemistry or S4 in Analytical Chemistry
5. Stakeholder Relations [x1]Degree in Public Administration
6.  Communication & Marketing [x1]Degree or National Diploma in Communication
7. Civil Engineering [x1]S4 Civil Engineering preferable with P1 & P2 completed.

The purpose of the internships is to:

  • Empower youth with the necessary skills to ensure that they become marketable
  • Create an opportunity for students who have completed their studies to familiarize themselves with the working environment and gain practical experience
  • Increase the awareness among young people of the job and career opportunities at Johannesburg Water.


  • To qualify, applicants must have completed their qualification within the last five years and be under the age of 30.
  • Johannesburg Water will ensure that its selection and recruitment process is employment equity compliant and in line with its EE plan.
  • Preference will be given to females and persons with disabilities.

How To Apply

Application form may be downloaded at Here. Completed application forms to be emailed to,

Please note: Only short-listed applicants will be contacted

 Closing Date: 24 March 2017

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Marketing-Finance and Supply Chain Internships Send Your CV

You’ll demonstrate an aspiration to progress as well a willingness to challenge the status quo in pursuit of performance. Best of all, we promise to give you the freedom to showcase your ideas and initiatives and give you the room to grow. We were built by people of extraordinary character like Arthur Guinness, Alexander Walker and Charles Tanqueray. You will stand on the shoulders of these giants and like them, you’ll have a chance to leave a legacy.

The programme is a three year adventure providing you with two to three rotations during which you’ll find yourself challenged and inspired to reach your full potential.​ You’ll be introduced to many of our Diageo leaders globally so you can see how we operate around the world. You’ll also enjoy the backing and support of a mentor and buddy who will give you an introduction to Diageo’s culture and help you successfully navigate your career.


  • Fluency in English
  • Right to live and work in South Africa
  • Excellent numerical & analytical ability
  • Willing to relocate in or outside South Africa if opportunities arise
Marketing Grad / Intern

  • A minimum Bachelor academic degree (Honours degree an advantage) with 70 % average or 2.70 GPA minimum in a Marketing related qualification

Apply Online for the Diageo Marketing Graduate / Internship Programme

Supply Chain Management Grad / Intern

  • A minimum Bachelor academic degree (Honours degree an advantage) with 70 % average or 2.70 GPA minimum in Engineering / Science / Business Management / Supply Chain / Logistics / Brewing & Distilling

Apply Online for the Diageo Supply Chain Management Graduate / Internship Programme

Finance Grad / Intern

  • A minimum Bachelor academic degree (Honours degree an advantage) with 70 % average or 2.70 GPA minimum in Finance or Accounting

Apply Online for the Diageo Finance Graduate / Internship Programme

Commerce Grad / Intern

  • A minimum Bachelor academic degree (Honours degree an advantage) with 70 % average or 2.70 GPA minimum in a Commercial related qualification.

Apply Online for the Diageo Commerce Graduate / Internship Programme


Closing Date: 01 May 2017

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Nothth West Province Dept of Education Internships

Location: Mmabatho, Potchefstroom, Rustenburg, Vryburg


NB: interns will receive a monthly stipend in accordance with their highest qualification as at the date of their appointment. The Department of Education and Sport Development invites unemployed student interns and graduates who have never been appointed as interns to apply for internship in the following fields of study:


Mrs CM Modutwane, Private Bag x8211, Rustenburg 0300, or Cnr Kock and Heystek Street, Rustenburg, 0300, Tel: 014 597 8653 / 54

  • HRD 17 /  1 (a): National Diploma / Degree in Human Resource Management / Labour Relations [x02]
  • HRD 17 / 1 (b): Degree in  Communications / Diploma three year qualification [x01]
  • HRD 17 /  1 (c): Business Administration / Diploma N6 Office Administration / Management Assistant [x14]
  • HIRD 17 / 1 (d): Diploma in Financial Management / N6 / Degree in Finance [x04]
  • HRD 17 / 1 (e): National Diploma / Degree in Project Management [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 1 (f): National Diploma / Degree in Information Technology [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 1 (g): National Diploma / N6 in Electrical Engineering [x02]
Dr Kenneth Kaunda

Ms Suzette de Meyer, Private Bag x1256, Potchefstroom 2520 or Teermane Building, 8 OR Tambo Street, Potchefstroom, Tel: 018 299 8251 / 6

  • HRD 17 / 2 (a): N6 Management Assistant or 3 year Diploma / Degree in Administration or related studies  [x06]
  • HRD 17 /  2 (b): N6 / 3 years Diploma in Human Resource Management / Development  [x03]
  • HRD 17 / 2 (c): ND / Degree Information Technology, Programming   [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 2 (d): N6 / 3 years Diploma / Degree  in Financial Management or related studies [x03]
  • HRD 17 / 2 (e): N6 / 3 year Diploma / Degree in Procurement / Administration or related studies  [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 2 (f): N63 year Diploma / Degree in Sport Management or related studies  [x01]
Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mopati

Ms Boiketlo Mosoeu, Cnr North and Molopo Street, Mini Garona Building, 2nd Floor, Block C, Vryburg 8600, Tel: 053 928 0240 / 5

  • HRD 17 / 3 (a): N.Dip. Degree. Sports Management  [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 3 (b): National Diploma Degree in Human Resource Management  [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 3 (c): N6 Business Management / Financial Accounting  [x03]
  • HRD 17 / 3 (d):, ND / Degree in Engineering  [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 3 (e): National Diploma / Degree information Systems  [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 3 (f): Degree in communication [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 3 (g): N6 Management Assistant [x12]
Ngaka Modiri

Contact Person: Mrs.N.M Mothu,  Taleso Building, 10 Nelson Mandela Drive, Mmabatho 2735, Tel: 018 388 3108 / 9

  • HRD 17 / 4(a): Diploma in Human Resource Management [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 4(b): N6 / Diploma in Management Assistant [x13]
  • HRD 17 / 4(c): Diploma Financial Management [x05]
  • HRD 17 / 4(d): Diploma in Sport Management [x01]
Institutional Governance, Development & Learner Social Support Services

Ms. K. Rangoako / Mrs L. Moseje, Old Taletso Hostel Building, Dr Albert Luthuli Drive, Mmabatho 2735, Tel: 018 388 3807 / 8

  • HRD 17 / 5: N6 Management Assistant [x02]
General and Further Education Training Services
  • HRD 17 / 6(a): General Computer Practice (Potch) [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 6(b): Training Management Assistant  [x04]
Human Resources Management
  • HRD 17 / 7: Office Administration  [x01]
Financial Management Services
  • HRD 17 / 8(a): Diploma Degree Financial Management [x04]
  • HRD 17 / 8(b): Diploma in Office Administration / Accounting  / Supply Chain Management [x01]
Internal Audit
  • HRD 17 / 9 (a): Diploma in Internal Audit / BCom Internal / Audit Financial Accounting [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 9 (b): Diploma in Policing law & Criminal Justice internal Audit Boom Internal Audit [x01]
Office of the DDG
  • HRD 17 / 10(a): N6 Management Assistant [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 10(b): BCom Project Management [x01]
Auxiliary Services
  • HRD.17 / 11:  N6 Management Assistant  [x01]
Legal Services
  • HRD 17 / 12 (a): Degree in LLB  [x01]
  • HRD 17 / 12 (b): Management Assistant  [x01]



  • Please note: Applications will only be considered from unemployed South African citizens aged between
  • 18-35 years,
  • Unemployed youth with disabilities are encouraged to apply
  • Candidates who have already participated in an internship programme in any Government department will not be considered Applications should be made on form Z83, obtainable from any Public Service Department and accompanied by a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae, certified copies of Grade 12 and highest qualification; Identity Document and Municipal Proof of Residence
  • Application forms should be signed and dated
  • Failure to submit the requested documents will result in your application not being considered

How To Apply

  • Candidates must indicate the reference number of their preferred Directorates District on space provided on their application form
  • Please ensure that if you are applying for more than one position, a separate application form for each post is submitted
  • Should you be in possession of foreign qualifications, these must be accompanied by an evaluation certificate from the South African Qualifications Authority (SAOA)
  • Please take note that all qualifications are subjected to verification
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered
  • Faxed or emailed applications will also not be considered
  • the Department reserves the right not to make appointments and correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates only
  • it will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department
  • Should you not be contacted within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful

Please direct all enquiries to the contact person’s indicated Please forward applications to the address mentioned in above table


Closing Date: 03 April 2017

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Apply for Free for a Nutrition Diploma That will Help You and Friends Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition programme is a 4-week guide to help you change or improve your lifestyle. You will learn how to create balanced meals, set goals, adapt eating to achieve your objectives and finally understand how to master your health. Ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, boost energy levels or for those who wish to add nutrition to their list of professional skills. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate of completion. Read further and enroll for free.

This course will cover the following topics:


1.Health is Your wealth

How is your nutrition right now? Are you eating enough? Are you over-eating? This lesson provides you with the tools to calculate your requirements and assess your own lifestyle. You will learn how to take your baseline measurements determine where, if any improvements are required.


2.Magical Macro’s


So now you know what nutrition is, what exactly does it encompass? What are the essential nutrients? In this lesson complex, scientific information will be translated in easy to understand terms. We will also be looking at food composition – macro and micro nutrients.

Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now


3.Mighty Micro’s


What about Vitamins and Minerals? We need those little guys too. Learn the importance of the micros and where to get them. What happens if you do not include micronutrients in your diet daily? Do you drink water? Find out why we need water in the body and the effects of dehydration on the body.


4.Diets of the World


Around the world, there are many Healthy Eating Pyramids or Guidelines. Do you know the guidelines in your country? In this lesson, you will review some of the global guidelines. Do they include enough vegetables? Do they eliminate food groups? Which do you think is the easiest to follow?

5.Helping Yourself


In lesson 5, you will gain experience in manipulating nutrition to suit your individual needs. Do you want to lose weight? Are you very active? Are you hindering your progress by eating fast food? Learn how to calculate your macronutrients to help achieve your goals.

Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now


6.Energise Your life


Do you suffer from a 3pm slump? Do you rely on sugar or caffeine to pull you through the day? Follow our top tips to confidently continue your lifestyle change and create long term results. This lesson is not to be missed.

7.Body & Mind


Do you have a stressful home or work life? Do you get enough sleep? Have you experienced feelings of anxiety or depression? Our mind, body and nutrition are all connected. This lesson will give simple but effective diet changes to suit your lifestyle and improve wellness.


8.Specialised Diets


Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Do you have Coeliac disease or digestive issues? Do you have an intolerance or allergy? Do you have special food requirements that can hinder your food choices? Develop the skills to read labels, avoid food contamination and ensure you are still achieving optimal nutrition through the right foods.


How to Register
Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now

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Register for a Diploma in Social Media Marketing for Free: Limited Space for South Africans Only

With the introduction of web 2.0, a lot and interesting social mediums have emerged and a an arena for marketing has been created. With social media, one can do a lot. Social media can help you market your products for free, you can help companies market their products for a fee, you can also create a platform to generate revenue with these platforms. But to do this you need knowledge in the field. But don’t worry because there is a free course just for that. Read further below and enroll free on this programme.

With this free course you can acquire the following at the completion of the programme, plus you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


1.Getting to Know Social Media

What is Social Media? What are the fundamentals? How does this all impact your business? You will learn exactly why your business should be using Social Media Marketing as a tool to reach more customers. We introduce social content and the benefits of using it to reach more followers. We will look at the basics of identifying your audience and targeting them correctly so you can leverage that knowledge into building a community of followers online, that can be turned into buying customers.


2.Knowing Your Audience


Social Media is all about having a conversation online. Social Media Marketing is all about turning that conversation into drawing potential customers towards your business. If you don’t know who you’re talking to though, how can you know what they want to talk about? In this lesson, we look at identifying your potential audience, how to talk to them correctly and how to convert your broader audience into leads, and your leads into buyers.

3.The Platforms – Social Content


In lesson 3, we look at immersing ourselves in the world of Social Media, taking advantage of tools like hashtags and trends to keep up to date with everything around us. We talk about the fast-paced nature of the platforms, using these to our advantage, and look at some tools to keep our content relevant and engaging. Through creating great content, we ensure that we are only engaging with the strongest leads in a meaningful way, which we can then turn into our most loyal buyers.

Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now


4.User Generated Content – YouTube, Instagram & Beyond


In a world where video and pictures make the strongest Social Media content, how do we utilise these mediums to engage our leads correctly? In a massively competitive landscape, where quality and value are the difference between a conversion and a share, we look at the most popular platforms that utilise these mediums and how we can leverage them to create content that converts views to leads, and leads to buyers.

5.Facebook Advertising


Do you want to understand how to get and keep the right customers? In this lesson, we are going to show you how to target your audience for lead generation. You will learn how to create content and get that content in front of the right audience to drive conversions. Most importantly, we will show you how to track your successes.


6.The Sales Funnel – Turning Your Leads Into Buyers


Once you have established a strong social media presence, identified your audience and created a constant reliable lead flow, what then? Do you know the expected numbers in terms of conversion or drop off? Do you know the value of repeat business? Understanding the Sales Funnel of our customer journey is essential. We want to turn leads into buyers, but also to maximise the efficiency of those efforts and have our buyers come back again as loyal repeat customers.

Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now

7.Data Driven Marketing & Sales


During lesson 7, we discuss the importance of analysing our data to understand the impact of our Social Media efforts. We introduce many processes and tools which will help guide our decision making so we can alter our campaigns for maximum impact. Remember, data drives decisions for professional marketers and allows you to take control of your own destiny in the social space and how to get the absolute maximum return on investment possible while optimising your efficiency.


8.Strategy – Monetising the Process


In our final lesson of this introductory course, we look at Social Media from a purely “Return on Investment” perspective. How can we use our quality content to generate measurable commercial gain? We explore the world of E-commerce, look at some different models and approaches, and learn how to optimise our content and channels to guarantee a high return on investment for our business. We will take everything we have learned so far and look at how to bring it all together into a strategy that not only works, but works in an efficient, profitable manner.


How to register
Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now

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Enroll for a Certificate in Health and Fitness Programme Free

These are the topics to be covered on this free health and fitness training programme. Only for people residing in South Africa. Enroll now, it is a free course.


1.Fitness- how do you measure up?

With so much constant and conflicting health and fitness information coming from social media, TV and radio people seem to be more confused than ever about how to stay fit, healthy and full of energy. Unlike any other health and fitness course, these 8 lessons are based on over 20 years of real world personal training techniques and the latest and most up to date information which has helped thousands of people lose weight, tone up, recover from injury and finally learn how to control their body.

In lesson 1 we break down exactly what practical fitness is, why it is so important and where all modern fitness came from. We will look at what an ideal balanced healthy lifestyle comprises of so you can have an honest and truthful look at where you may be going right and wrong in your own health. The aim of lesson 1 is to help you to finally understand where to start for you to realistically improve your health and fitness and still live a normal life.



2.Food, Fat Loss and The Bitter Truth


The one single factor that causes people to gain weight or struggle to lose weight is their diet. As the old saying goes “You can’t out train a bad diet.” People’s common misunderstanding of what food is healthy and what food is unhealthy, in no way helped by the media, is what is causing our current worldwide obesity epidemic. For the first time in human history you now have to make a daily conscious and deliberate choice in what you eat to be healthy. This almost makes it impossible not to gain weight. In this lesson we will look at common food myths, Natural food vs Processed food, the causes for over consumption of calories and simplifying how you can easily choose to be healthy every day without having to overanalyse your food.

Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now


3.Cardio Training (Steady State and HIIT)


So you finally understand what fitness means in a practical sense but how do you develop a plan to start? In lesson 3 we will break down one of the most misunderstood types of exercise, Cardio (Cardiovascular exercise) and the role it plays in your fitness, body shape and overall energy levels. By the end of this lesson we will finally take the confusion out of cardio by looking at the common Myths about cardio, types of exercises you can use, the benefits you get from regular cardio and how to properly apply it to your very own health and fitness. Cardio not only plays a vital role in your fitness, energy levels, heart health, and body shape but at lower levels is essentially your engine and is how your body powers itself throughout the day. After this lesson you will have a new found respect of how amazing your body is and what it is really capable of.



4.Strength/Weight Training


“But won’t weight training make me look too bulky? I don’t want to get too big.” Easily the two most common statements I hear on a daily basis from new gym goers about weight training. The truth is weight training will do the opposite, as opposed to making you look bulky, regular weight training shapes and tones the body’s muscles, is the biggest trigger for fat loss and is easily the most important form of exercise for your bone, muscle and back health. By the end of this lesson you will understand the role weight training plays in shaping the body, burning fat and how hard it actually is to build large amounts of muscle. With this new understanding of arguably the most important type of exercise for the human body you will be super excited to see what your body can do and understand how to apply it in everyday life.

Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now


5.Injury Prevention and Recovery


Injury prevention is one of the most overlooked and ignored parts of a healthy lifestyle. Most back problems these days are from postural imbalances caused from desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles. In this lesson we look at the importance of flexibility and mobility not just for your training but also in your daily life.


6.Real World Fat loss and Functional Strength


Losing fat is a very simple process however it requires a very specific and detailed set of steps depending on what your starting body fat is and what percentage you are trying to reach. In today’s lesson we will look in depth at the different approaches you need to follow when reducing your body fat from obese and overweight levels right down to very lean athletic levels. We will also look at the role strength training plays in fat loss and your bodies functional strength, how to properly apply it and the theory of programming a linear strength program.



7.Controlling Your Body Shape


The best thing I can teach you for your own health and fitness is without a doubt helping you to understand and be able to control how your own body works. There are no two people the same and no two bodies which work the exact same. You are completely unique. We all have different genetics, metabolisms, recovery time, calorie needs, response to exercise and we all have hugely different lifestyles. In lesson 5 we start to piece together what we have learned so far and how this new knowledge will help you control your weight, body shape, energy levels and help you plan for the many obstacles that can be barriers to a healthier and fitter you. The confidence of being able to control your body and how you feel, no matter what life throws at you is easily the most rewarding and satisfying lesson in health and fitness.


8.Barriers to getting your results


Even with the perfect knowledge I’ve seen friends, clients and even trainers struggle with their own health and fitness. This is because fitness knowledge and the application of fitness knowledge are quite simply not the only factors that determine success in you achieving your desired results. Family commitments, work, life stress, and lack of enjoyment can easily de-motivate anyone from achieving their results or can even reverse previous results you worked hard to get. In this final lesson of the basic course we look at the barriers and obstacles that can stop you from achieving your desired results, how you can overcome them and some simple tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and excited about your training on a day to day basis.


How to Enroll

Enrol for Free at The Shaw Academy Now


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Nike Intern Programme 2017 Johannesburg

Location: Johannesburg

The company looks for people who can grow, think, dream and create. Its culture thrives by embracing diversity and rewarding imagination. The brand seeks achievers, leaders and visionaries. At Nike, it’s about each person bringing skills and passion to a challenging and constantly evolving game.

Sales Grad / Intern

  • Sales related qualification
  • Computer Literate (in Excel, Word, Powerpoint)

Apply Online for the Nike Sales Graduate / Internship Programme

Marketing Grad / Intern

  • Marketing related qualification or have some experience / exposure in a Marketing

Apply Online for the Nike Marketing Graduate / Internship Programme

Logistics Grad / Intern

  • National Diploma / Degree with good academic results in the fields of Operations Management/ Supply Chain Management/ Customer Service Management / Logistics Management and or IT, and or any Relevant Logistics and Operations Qualification

Apply Online for the Nike Logistics Graduate / Internship Programme

Merchandising Grad / Intern

  • Merchandising / Fashion Design / Fashion Merchandising

Apply Online for the Nike Merchandising Graduate / Internship Programme

Finance Grad / Intern

  • Candidates need to be academically strong and must have a drive and excellent people skills.
  • Candidates need to demonstrate a real passion for financial services specifically Financial Planning; Financial Accounting; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable including Claims Processing and handling functions

Apply Online for the Nike Finance Graduate / Internship Programme

NIKE, Inc. is committed to employing a diverse workforce. Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability.

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Free Diploma In Financial Trading & Investment Programme

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to get a free 1 month training in financial trading. Take advantage of this training and become one of the good traders. A lot of people these days are venturing into the forex business, so this is your time to do so. After completion of the course, you will get a certificate certifying that you have completed the course. You will also have the necessary skills to let you decide whether to start trading or not. We all need this course for our financial freedom.


Here are some of the topics to be covered on this course:

1.The Opening Bell
When studying any subject matter, it is first necessary to ask the questions of “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why”. In our introductory lesson, we will plan our educational journey while learning the basics of what we need to know to become profitable traders.

Enroll for Free at The Shaw Academy


2.Leverage, Margin & all the Jargon
In lesson 2, we will learn to talk like trading professionals. Whether its running with bulls or winners, we need to know the terms used in the trading world, to both trade effectively and get to the point. You will learn all the key terms and concepts that you need to begin in the world of trading.


3.Let the Trading Begin
Text books will only get you so far and you will reach a point where there is no better way to learn than “to do”. In this lesson, we will show you how to navigate your very own demo trading platform and to start practicing with no risk immediately. This is where your live dynamic really kicks in and makes for a fun and educational experience.

Enroll for Free at The Shaw Academy


4.Candlesticks – Shedding Light on Opportunities
In order find opportunities we need an efficient way of measuring price – right? Well, charts allow us to do just that. As technical traders, we use Japanese Candlesticks, a very simple and effective style of charting. This lesson will introduce you to price action, reading candlestick charts, doji, engulfing pattern formations, counter retail trading and many other tools you will need to learn to trade successfully.


5.Technical Charting 101
Expanding upon lesson 3, you will learn to develop your technical skills like, finding and utilizing channels and trend trading techniques; highlighting breakouts, support and resistance, with counter retail strategic entry and exit techniques for each trade made. This is very much where the ‘how to’ begins.

Enroll for Free at The Shaw Academy


6.Becoming a Counter Retail Trader
This lesson brings together all the previous Technical Analysis lessons, focusing on methods of finding Counter Retail Trading opportunities – our speciality. This includes an examination of moving averages, simple & exponential; all focused on attempting to find that confirmation we need to trade profitably. This lesson is not to be missed.


7.Psychology of Real World Trading
Often overlooked in other trading courses, we do not ignore the importance of a good mental state that is required to trade successfully. Real life explanations and examples of the difficulties which real traders face each day are discussed. Practical steps are illustrated to reduce the psychological difficulties faced by real traders and how you will mitigate those using our own in-house developed software. This is when everything really comes together.



8.Return on Investment & Protecting Your Capital
Trading, like all other forms of investing, carries risk. It is through that very risk that profits may flow. An understanding of the interconnected and inseparable nature of risk and return is fundamental to profitable trading. Making money is one thing, keeping it is another.


How to Apply
Enroll for Free at The Shaw Academy

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Umzimvubu Local Municipality Internship Programme 2017

Closing Date: 20 March 2017


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Grade 12, National Diploma / Degree in Accounting or equivalent.

Advanced Computer Literacy • Basic Knowledge of Local Government and other spheres of government. Understanding of the Internship programme and its purpose • Good academic record.

KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: Revenue Management. Expenditure Management. Supply Chain Management. Budget and Reporting Management.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: • Grade 12 Certificate • National Diploma in Public Management / Office Administration / Translation and Linguistics • Computer literacy • Good communication skills and fluent in English • Knowledge of Local Government and other spheres of Government.


KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: Assist in the Divisional Units; Records /Registry, Committee Services Auxiliary Services and Customer Care • Provide administration support and render secretariat duties.

Record and update files in accordance with established referencing sequences • Co-ordinate meeting related logistics.

Women and people with disability are encouraged to apply.


How To Apply

All applications with Curriculum Vitae, certified Copies of educational certificates together with a clear Covering letter indicating the Position you are applying for should be forwarded to: The Corporate Services Department Umzimvubu Local Municipality, Private Bag x9020, MOUNT FRERE 5090 or hand delivered at Erf 813 Main Street, MOUNT FRERE, 5090 or 67 Church Street, MOUNT A YLIFF, 4735. Appointments will be subjected to Compulsory, pre-employment Screening in the form qualifications reference, criminal Checks and competency assessment (where applicable).

Applications for interns must be accompanied by the confirmation letter from the Ward Councillor

NB: No faxed CV’s or e-mail applications will be accepted.

Enquiries: Vuyokazi Cita (039) 255 8500 / 8562

Canvassing support from Municipal Officials and Councillors is prohibited and any person found guilty thereof will be disqualified with immediate effect. The Umzimvubu Local Municipality is Committed to achievement and maintenance of employment equity and diversity especially in respect of race, gender and disability. The Municipality reserves the right to approve or decline the appointment.

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