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Black Friday Deals doesn’t always wait until your next paycheck, so if you’re in the Black Friday shopping mood using an online payday loan can help you pay for your holiday gifts, a new phone or spoil yourself by changing your bedding facilities.

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Black Friday History

Once a year, retailers pull out the stops and offer monster, “door buster” discounts. It’s how stores entice shoppers.

If you shop smart, Black Friday can help you spend less on big holiday gifts.

Read on for tips on how to handle the sales and stretch your holiday loan.

If you need a Black Friday loan, we can try to help you find a lender.

We know that most of these lenders can approve your loan application withing an hour, only if you apply during business hours.

On this page,you can find potential lenders and make sure you get the lender with good rates.

Get a Cash Loan Today

Loan in 1 Hour

Same day Loan


Create Memories with a Personal Loan
Up To R150 000
Create Memories with a Personal Loan up to R150 000
Whether it’s going overseas to travel, ticking off things on your bucket list, renovating your dream home or creating memories with your family, a personal loan can provide you with the extra money you need.
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Our online portal utilises the latest in technology to source the best loan for you with the most affordable rates. Simply complete the loan form once, and up to 8 different lenders will evaluate your application.
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Our service is completed 100% Online. No hassles, No calls. Fill in the application online and lenders will evaluate your application directly and call you if they need anything further.
No Mess! No Fuss!

Apply today for an online loan of up to R150 000.
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