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Social Media Marketing Training [This Course if Offered Free Register Now]

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Social media has recently been one of the most rewarding platforms. Knowing how to use it positively can benefit you and can help you and your potential customers to gain clients to the business or products/services offered.

You can also establish your own social media business but only if you know how you can use social media to market your business. This free course is perfect for you if you intend to expand your business online. It is worth to note that already more than 700 000 people have already completed this course world wide through The Shaw Academy, so what are you waiting for?

Lessons to be covered

The following are some of the lessons to be covered on this course and enrollment or registration is absolutely free.


Getting to Know Social Media
What is Social Media? What are the fundamentals? How does this all impact your business? You will learn exactly why your business should be using Social Media Marketing as a tool to reach more customers. We introduce social content and the benefits of using it to reach more followers. We will look at the basics of identifying your audience and targeting them correctly so you can leverage that knowledge into building a community of followers online, that can be turned into buying customers.


The Platforms – Social Content

In lesson 3, we look at immersing ourselves in the world of Social Media, taking advantage of tools like hashtags and trends to keep up to date with everything around us. We talk about the fast-paced nature of the platforms, using these to our advantage, and look at some tools to keep our content relevant and engaging. Through creating great content, we ensure that we are only engaging with the strongest leads in a meaningful way, which we can then turn into our most loyal buyers.

Strategy – Monetising the Process
In the final lesson of this introductory course, we look at Social Media from a purely “Return on Investment” perspective. How can we use our quality content to generate measurable commercial gain? We explore the world of E-commerce, look at some different models and approaches, and learn how to optimise our content and channels to guarantee a high return on investment for our business. We will take everything we have learned so far and look at how to bring it all together into a strategy that not only works, but works in an efficient, profitable manner.

How to Register

SMS or send a WhatApp with the word “Free Courses” to 0793852029 we will send more info to you.

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