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Typically, the jobs listed are a few hours and/or 1-3 days in duration, though sometimes the jobs listed are longer term opportunities.

Work is varied, with over 125 different Job Categories including many work from home type jobs e.g. transcription services, accountancy type services, web design, blogging etc.

In 2014-15, Rent-a-Student were selected and were finalists in the Sage 702 Small Business Awards and, as a registered not for profit company have accreditations with Google Non-Profit, Microsoft Bizspark and The Sage Foundation.

As a registered not for profit organisation, Rent-a-Student is able to secure students the best part time rates per hour (typically over R50).

Employers recognize the work done by Rent-a-Student and are willing to pay a little more per job than normal as they are helping students gain work experience and providing them with additional funds for study or family commitments.

For students, who in some cases, may need to work to meet educational and living expenses, the skills obtained from working complement academic performance and communicate to future employers an ability to succeed in a professional setting.

Studies have shown that students who take part time jobs do just as well or better academically than non-working students and grades improve as students work more hours per week (up to 20).

In addition, working students are more likely to complete a degree program than non-workers.

Benefits to working in a student job

• Acquire valuable work experience for your résumé.
• Reduce necessity for student loans.
• Opportunity for networking with professionals.
• Opportunity to sample different career choices.
• Valuable and practical career-related experiences.
• Exposure to the world of work.
• Opportunity to enhance fundamental work skills.

• Develop a sense of community and involvement with other students.

Recently, Rent-a-Student have partnered with several service providers to offer students products and services that will be of benefit to them.

For example, we have partnered with an e-learning company to offer students a qualification in promotions.

The course is already reduced in price and helps them gain a skill that they can use as we provided hundreds of promoters a month.

We also allow students to repay the fees over time using monies earned from future part time jobs states John Ashcroft, Founder at Rent-a-Student.

Another initiative just launched is a dedicated Student Car Pooling / Sharing scheme offered in conjunction with Jump In Rides.

Here students can offer spaces or request a lift to/from campus or events or jobs.

Ultimately, they can make a little money as a registered driver and/or they can save money by sharing costs.

Later on this year, Rent-a-Student will be launching more products to help students with expenses and study loans.

How to Register

Click Here to Register at Rent-A-Student

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