The UNISA Student who Got 36 Distictions Now Graduated with an Honours Degree

Stanley Namakhota, former Unisa Tshwane Regional Student Representative Council (RSRC) Sports and Cultural Officer, graduated on 6 September 2017 with his Honours in Bachelor of Arts (Social behaviour studies in HIV/AIDS).

Namakhota is an Assistant Project Coordinator at Unisa’s Sociology Department and Secretary of Gays and Lesbians of the University of South Africa (GLOUSA) – a student movement at the university which started in 2014 and that addresses social issues of sexual and gender diversity.

Having graduated cum laude at Unisa before with a BA in Health and Social Science, where he achieved 36 distinctions, Namakhota is equally excited about this graduation. “I’m excited because it has brought me great joy to enroll for my Honours especially in the field of HIV/AIDS. “Since a young age I have been very interested in pursuing the field of HIV/AIDS and now I can safely say that I see it happening and I am rejoicing with happiness for my achievements,” he said.

According to Namakhota it takes a dedicated person to be able to do this, as rewards come with hard work. “As a former SRC member, it brings me joy that my continued accumulation of degrees and knowledge will motivate my fellow SRC members, currently, and those that are still to be inaugurated. There is a constant reminder that although we lead, we should not forget that, in this university, we have one priority and that is to succeed in our studies. Knowledge can only be recognised through tangible qualifications and a continuous interest to study further,” Namakhota explained.

Namakhota would like to remind fellow students that this generation should not study to only brag and develop themselves, but also to transform and develop society for future generations to to flourish.

He is now embarking on what Namakhota calls a ‘marathon of qualifications’. “I am registering for my Masters and I am very much prepared and determined to work even harder and achieve this milestone in record time. Education is a personal decision and support remains the shield. I am challenging fellow students to come join me on this ‘marathon’,” he said with an encouraging smile.

Source: Unisa

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