WC Year Beyond Empowerment Programme

Closing Date: 12 December 2017
Location: Cape Town

Stipend: R2000 – 2500

Year Beyond is a partnership between the Western Cape Government and numerous NGOs aimed at improving educational outcomes and encouraging a culture of volunteerism.

The Year Beyond programme is a 10 month volunteer tutor programme which begins in February 2018 and ends in November 2018. While on the programme you will be placed in a school as a tutor in their afterschool programme. As a volunteer tutor you will offer literacy, numeracy and homework support, you will also participate in a self-development and leadership programme.

Volunteering with Year Beyond is a full-time, five day a week commitment, and volunteers are busy from 9am to 5pm every day. They complete their self-development programme in the mornings, and are transported to their school in the afternoon to run the after-school education support and learner development programme.

The Year beyond volunteer leadership and self-development programme has three core pillars:

A series of three short courses offered by the Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert Institute at Stellenbosch University.
An Innovation Challenge judged by a prestigious panel of political and industry leaders.
A unique self-development programme designed and facilitated by Action Volunteers Africa.
What do you need to apply?

You need to be between the ages of 18 and 25
You need to have matric or be a recent graduate
You need to have good English and mathematics matric marks (minimum requirements: 60% for English, 50% for Mathematics and 60% for Maths Literacy)
You need to be keen to work with children and compassionate.
How to apply:

You can apply online at Apply Online for the WC Government: Year Beyond Tutor Programme 2018, or you can email us at info@avafrica.org.za, to get an application form. For more information you can call 021 761 3813 or 021 761 1899 and you can speak to Pfanani or Asemahle.

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