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Your Last Chance

Last Chance

This is you last chance for this month to do the following:

1.Last chance to participate in the Polo Vivo competition
This competition has been running since March this year and it is coming to an end today. Tommorow there will be a winner to be announced.
You can be that winner, participate in the Polo Vivo competition for free and stand a chance to take this beauty home.
Entries are free.
Enter the competition now.


2.Last chance to advance your skills and knowledge
this is your last chance to register one course for free to be trained this December.
The following courses are offered by the Shaw Academy and you can register one course for free.
This way you will have one month free trial to complete your course.
At the end of the course you get a certificate for compeltion of the course.
Here are some of the courses you can register for:

1.Diploma in Digital Marketing 

2.Diploma in Nutrition 

3.Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment 

4.Diploma in Graphic Design 

5.Diploma in Health and Fitness 

6.Diploma in Web Development 

7.Diploma in Weight Loss 

8.Diploma in Photoshop 

9.Diploma in Sports Nutrition 

10.Diploma in App Development 

11.Diploma in Photography 

12.Written English for Emails and Online Communications 

13.Job Seeking and CV Presentation

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