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10 Reasons to Become a Nurse in South Africa

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10 Reasons to Become a Nurse in South Africa

1. The Nursing Profession is Always in Demand
Nursing is one of the fastest growing careers world-wide. This only could be a valid reason for you to enter the health care industry since you will not be jobless as there is a demand for nurses.
2. Population Growth versus the Demand
As the population grows, there will be more and more demand for health care workers, so if you prepare yourself for the industry, you might stand a good chance to grab the available opportunities.

3. Retirement of the Current Health Care Workers
As the current health care workers reach their retirement ages, you have to be on standby to take over. Their retirement opens an opportunity for you to be absorbed in the industry.
4. Specializations give Nurses a Variety of Choices
Nursing is not just one general profession; there are divisions in the nursing career. Ranging from auxiliary workers, midwifery to other specialities. So, you have a choice to specialise in your nursing field or just do a general programme. Some of the more unique specialisations include travel nurses, plastic surgery nurses and even cruise ship nurses.
5. Continue Your Education
The government and private companies offers some opportunities in education and training assistance for their employees. You can complete your education at your local college or university while working as a nurse. The sky is the only limit. Take advantage of the internal trainings that the government offers their employees.
You can also apply for internal bursaries and scholarships that are designed for employees of the institutions that has employed you.

6. Flexibility of Working area and Schedule
It’s a commonly-known fact that nurses have a lot of flexibility in their schedule.
Flexibility in location is another reason to pursue a career as a nurse. Nurses can work anywhere from traditional locations such as hospitals and doctor’s offices to less-obvious locations such as home health care, schools and even in the air as an emergency flight nurse.
7. The Nursing Profession is Well-Respected
Nursing is a career that you can be proud of, maybe it’s even a career where others will look up to you. People entrust nurses with some of the most significant moments in their lives. In addition, nursing provides unlimited opportunity for personal growth.
8. Get the Benefits Package
The total package of government pay, health and child-care benefits, and retirement savings plans are competitive with those offered in the private sector.
9. Give a Smile to Someone’s Face
People go to health care centres not only to get physical help but also to get back the smile back on their faces. Feel happy when you see that smile on your clients.
10. Land a Helping Hand
A nurse will not only province for physical care, but can also impact on people’s lives through health education and wellness programmes. This will impact on their emotional well-being and might contribute in future health care choices.
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NB: Do not pay for any job placement, a job cannot be sold. The job has to pay you not the other way round.

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