5 Things You Can Do To Make Extra Cash at Home: Anyone Can Do This Free and Make Good Money

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5 Things You Can Do To Make Extra Cash at Home: Anyone Can Do This Free and Make Good Money

There are few ideas I want to share with you on how you can start to make money without money or with less start-up money. I will list them, then give some explanation on how you can do it.

These ideas have been tested, some people are earning a living through such ideas. Do not just sit and relax, try them out.

1. Make Money Trading FOREX
FOREX is a shortened name for foreign exchange. This is simply buying and selling of foreign currencies online. A lot of people are venturing into the forex trading industry ans some are prospering. So, this is worth a try. Read a story about a South African Young millionaire who became rich through forex programs.

2. Sell Vintage Stuff.
Now, you might be thinking, this guy is so weird, vintage, where do I get this. Yes, I mean that. I have recently discovered that there are companies or individuals intending to buy some old cars such as old kombis and campers. If you know someone who has an old kombi and they are not using it, someone might buy that for cash. Some people are just old fashioned and they love it. So you can arrange with the owner of the car to sell it. You negotiate with them how much they gonna give you. You can also get a commission from the company that bought the car as you have referred them a customer. These stuff can also be sold on Gumtree, OLX and Bid or Buy.

3. Create and sell facebook pages.
If you are creative enough, you can start using your creativity to make some moola. Facebook is the way to go. There are so many people looking to advertise on big facebook pages. They can advertise the products they are selling or just to get people visiting their websites. You can decide your terms, you can grow a page big, them sell it or just rent them an advertising space. You can also approach companies in your area and offer to create facebook pages for them for some cash.

4.Create a Blog.
You might be wondering what a blog is, a blog is just a personal website where you share information. You blog can be about anything legal. When your blog is running and you have enough people visiting it, you can now invite advertisers to place adverts on your blog.

5. Sell Digital Downloads.
If you have some interesting stuff like music that you have composed or ebooks, you can sell them online and get some cash. There are a number of people just using the knowledge and skills they have acquired to teach others, but they do not teach them for free like me, they sell their knowledge through an ebook. An ebook is a documents readable using a computer, it might be a PDF or an ePub document.

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How I Make Money Online: YouTube/OnlyPertunia
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