Another Chance for R350 Grant Application

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R350 Grant Application: SASSA is looking into giving those who were rejected for the R350 grant another chance. The agency has provided an update on this process and have also issued further directions. 

R350 Grant Application

Should you have applied for the Sassa R350 grant and then got feedback that your application was rejection, you can appeal to Sassa and have your application reconsidered. 

SASSA has stated that, “the Agency is implementing a recourse and reconsideration process for declined applicants”. If you wish to have your application reconsidered or feel that you were rejected for an unfair reason, you can email your concerns to

Applications received go through a process of being verified through UIF, GEPF, NASFAS, COIDA, Department of Home Affairs and SARS. This would determine whether the applicant has any other sources of income, as the grant provides relief to unemployed individuals who do are not benefitting from other grants.

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This R350 grant will run until October 2020 and applications are still open. 

Should you need more information, contact the 0800 60 10 11 (013) 754 – 9439/9428/9454 from 08:00 – 16:00 during weekdays Monday – Friday.

You can also reach SASSA through their Twitter account.

About Sassa

Our Vision
A leader in the delivery of social security services.

Our Mission
To administer quality customer-centric social security services to eligible and potential beneficiaries.

Our Values
SASSA, as a public entity, subscribes to those values that promote democracy and a culture of respect for human rights. In addition, in building social cohesion, the following values are paramount:

  • Transparency.
  • Equity
  • Integrity.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Customer Care Centred Approach.

The value proposition will require continuous refinement in order to satisfy and meet customer needs and expectations. The responsiveness of SASSA to community needs and expectations may require adjustments in respect of service delivery, information technology and administrative processes.

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