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Ayanda Thabethe shares her thoughts on Black Coffee kicking Enhle out

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 It has been reported that Enhle Mbali has been kicked out of her home, along with her children

– They were apparently kicked out by her husband, DJ Black Coffee, whom she’s divorcing

It is rumoured that Enhle Mbali and her children were kicked out of their home by DJ Black Coffee.

Enhle and Black Coffee are going through a messy divorce that has become quite public.

Recently, social media users have voiced their opinions on the matter and it is clear that no one approves of the way Black Coffee has been treating Enhle and the divorce.

Thando Thabethe added her opinion to the many opinions, and she’s not impressed either.

“Am I wrong to think that if you’re the party that has cheated in a marriage that you need not disturb my life and that you should leave me in my house with my kids.”

AYANDA THABETHE@ayandathabethe_ reported earlier that Enhle regarding her divorce from husband. She begged for her followers to be silent about the ordeal as is has been an emotional run down for her family, especially her children.

Enhle revealed she does not plan to go to the media, instead wants the courts to handle it.

Not so long ago, Black Coffee attempted to clear the air and got shaded harder than before.

Black Coffee told his story but the public held onto one tiny bit of his hold explanation, ignoring all the positive bits, and creamed him for it.


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