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How to Apply for Capitec Vacancies

Capitec Bank, South Africa’s fastest growing retail bank, wants exceptional people to join their company at various branches across the country. Do you want to be one of them? Find out how to apply for vacancies at Capitec Bank here.

Are you energetic and self-motivated with a passion for service? Capitec’s focus is on finding the right people for the right jobs.

They are continuously on the lookout for retail, service, sales and promotions consultants and managers to create a unique service experience for their clients.

Think you have what it takes to join the Capitec team? Let’s take a look at how you can go about joining them!

1.) Visit the Capitec Bank Careers page


Capitec Bank advertises their vacancies on their careers site. This is where you will need to go in order to apply for vacancies.

2.) Create your account

Before you can start applying for the various vacancies available at Capitec Bank, you need to create an account. This is free and shouldn’t take too long.


3.) Browse jobs

Once you have created your account, you’re all set to start applying! Capitec organises its vacancies under the following headings:

  • Branch Network
  • Administration
  • Corporate Sales
  • Business Development
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Contact Centre
  • Promotions
  • Credit Management
  • Finance
  • Graduate Development Programme
  • HR
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Project Office
  • Properties
  • Risk Management
  • Bursary Programme

Please note that not every category will have available vacancies under it. This page serves only as informative content, designed to help you find your way forward.

Find other Capitec positions here

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How to Use Your Facebook Profile as Your CV

Is your Facebook profile helping or hurting your job search?

It’s no secret Facebook, Twitter, and other social media giants have taken over the internet.

Facebook has become one of the primary targets for businesses looking to hire a new team member. Whether it’s being used as a follow-up to an application or interview, search tool for finding the best fit, or as an investigative and research platform, hiring managers are using Facebook to learn more about applicants. This makes the idea of using Facebook as a social media CV quite intriguing.

Let’s dive deeper into how to build a CV on Facebook.

1.Career experience and education

Facebook offers users the ability to list career information and use the platform as a social media CV. This platform helps connect applicants with more businesses through tagging. When you list your company’s name, it automatically connects you to that company’s page, allowing future employers to see who you’ve worked for in a new light.

Treat each job and position as you would on a resume. Don’t place silly descriptions or rude comments. Instead, display your notable contributions and key achievements. Additionally, take advantage of the projects tool. Use this tool to list each notable contribution and key project you worked on. Limit the number of projects to five or six. You don’t want to prevent hiring managers from seeing your other accomplishments.

Education tools on Facebook are similar to those of the employment section. It connects you to the school and university’s page. List all universities, colleges, and schools where you received a degree or diploma. Don’t list every single one attended. This can insinuate you give up too easily.

2.Skills section

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of Facebook. The skills area, located slightly below the education section, is used to list skills. These skills are automatically tagged in Facebook’s search engine. Meaning, if you list dog walking as a skill and potential employers search for dog walkers on Facebook, bingo, your name appears.

Be careful though; Facebook limits the number of skills you can list. Only list the most important and relevant skills. Don’t list transferable skills, and avoid bland terms. This list should be specific. Facebook will try to help you by listing words it thinks you mean. Take advantage of this CV help feature because those are the terms most searched for online.


Facebook is more than a social media and communication tool. It is useful in job searches and networking with other professionals. It can even be used as a sort of social media CV. Hiring managers and supervisors are increasingly requiring applicants to list their Facebook account. Those managers use your profile to determine if you are a good fit or not. Following these basic tips not only will help you get the job, they will also prevent embarrassing moments. To recap on how to build a Curriculum vitae using Facebook:

  • Use your CV as the basis for the “Work and Education” section of the “About” tab.
  • Fill out your Timeline with vital information that paints a rich and robust picture of your professional life.
  • Consider adding life events that convey interesting and relevant information.
  • Add photographs or other illustrations that show the evolution of your career and academic trail.
  • Employ your feed or “Status Updates” in a way that communicates your professional and personal interests.
  • Strive for cohesion and consistency in your content.
  • Avoid information that distracts or destructs.
  • Don’t post topics or photos you wouldn’t want your mother or mentor to see.

Facebook has recently added a jobs application section where you can submit your application to employers and recruiters. So it is important to rebuild your profile to take advantage of this feature.

Hope this was so much useful to you, if so, start working on your Facebook profile now to use it as your CV for job hunting.


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Submit Your CV to Lulaway Job Centres for Employment

In the current environment of strikes, fuel increases and the possibility that more nationwide strikes could send South Africa into another recession, unemployment is increasing exponentially.

It is impossible for unemployed individuals to be aware of all these jobs. Many corporates are often looking to ‘bulk’ employ multiple staff across various positions. These could include drivers, driver assistants, tellers, clerks, packers, etc. The list is too numerous to mention them all.

”There is also no reason for anyone to travel long distances to apply for jobs in city centres,” says Errol Freeman, MD of Lulaway, “the chances are that there is a Lulaway Job Centre or Gauteng Social Development Centre within the local community. This saves the individual transport costs and numerous long distance taxi trips that could potentially be unsafe.”

The application process is extremely easy to follow. To register, applicants are encouraged to visit their local Lulaway Job Centres.

Personal consultants will load their details and relevant documentation onto the system and the company completes the process by creating and printing a professional looking, colour CV at a registration cost of R20.00.

A nominal fee of R15.00 is levied against each job applied for and includes competency testing and advertising the individual on the Lulaway website.

Backed by the Gauteng Provincial Government, subsidised rates and reduced service rates are available if applying at branches located at Gauteng Social Development Centres.

It is important to bring all documentation that may be relevant and important to the position applied for.

A South African ID or passport is critical, and other applicable documents would include a Matric certificate, driver’s licence, tertiary education, courses attended and diploma’s earned.

Once registered, applicants can apply for any job that may interest them.

SMS’s will also be sent to applicants that match the individual’s skill set and potential employer criteria.

This could include the standard screening test or may involve a custom test as laid out by the company seeking to employ people.

The local centres across Gauteng where individuals can apply include:

  • Two centres in the Johannesburg CBD
  • Highlands North
  • Germiston
  • Two centres in Orange farm
  • Katlehong
  • Soweto – Klipspruit West
  • Carltonville
  • Hekpoort
  • Krugersdorp
  • Heidelberg
  • Evaton West
  • Vanderbilpark
  • Jabavu
  • Devon.

Find your nearest Job Centre

Find a Job Centre from the list below, or search for one using the interactive map.

Only the centres listed below are authorised to operate as Lulaway Job Centres.

  • Northern Cape
  • Gauteng
  • Eastern Cape
  • Free State
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Limpopo
  • North West
  • Mpumalanga


Other employment opportunities here

More info about Lulaway

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Youth Jobs and Placement Send CVs to Harambee

Youth Jobs and Placement Send CVs to Harambee

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerators is a free service that helps young South Africans overcome many of the difficulties they face in finding and keeping their first job.

Our assessments and training help you get and keep a real job at a real company.

We help young people with a matric or equivalent qualification who have been looking for a permanent full-time job, but haven’t been able to find one.

We also help young people who have a university degree or other tertiary qualifications but haven’t been able to find a job.

Most people find their jobs through a social network – school or university, friends, family or previous work experience.

For people who don’t have these social networks, networks that link to jobs, finding a job is difficult.

Harambee works to create this kind of social network for young work-seekers.

Research by the Development Bank of South Africa shows that a young South African who can get and keep a first job for at least 12 months has an 85% chance of being employed for the rest of their lives.

Harambee is calling upon all unemployed young people who reside in Johannesburg and meet the below criteria!!!!

To qualify you need to:

• 18 to 34 years (opportunities available for those over 29 are limited)

• Have a valid South African ID

• Have at least a Grade 11 completed 1 year before application

• Persons with a disability require a minimum of a Grade 9

• Are currently unemployed

• Educated at a previously disadvantaged school

• Not employed in one job for longer than one year

• Are hungry for an opportunity

• Have never been blacklisted

• Have no criminal record

• Have not been permanently employed for more than 12 months

• Have been actively looking for work for more than six months


Click Here to Upload Your Details

If you do not qualify for this offer, see other opportunities below

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How to Get Jobs at Shoprite

How to Get Jobs at Shoprite

Shoprite is one of South Africa’s best-known retailers, and the Shoprite Group offers many career opportunities in their stores! This is how to get a job with Shoprite.

The Shoprite Group is always looking to grow their team, whether it be in your local store or in their corporate offices.

If you’re looking for a career in one of Shoprite’s stores, you can choose one of the following means of application:

  1. Click HERE to apply now – this online application will ask you for the following:
    • ID Number
    • Where you live, which store you would like to work in, how much retail experience you have, etc
    • Name, contact details, etc
  2. Dial *120*446# and follow the prompts (Network rates apply)
  3. Hand deliver your CV to one of Shoprite’s Recruitment Centres, found in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Pretoria

To work in a Shoprite store, you will need the following:

  • A South African ID
  • Be able to work retail hours, including weekends & Public Holidays
  • A minimum qualification of Grade 10-12 (or equivalent)
  • Shoprite Group reserves the right to conduct Employee Verification Checks, including but not limited to Criminal and Credit Checks

If you haven’t heard back within 30 days, your application was unsuccessful.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Shoprite Group of companies will never require any candidate to pay a fee when applying for a position within the Group. Anyone requesting such a fee is not doing so on behalf of the Shoprite Group and is not operating with their knowledge or consent.

Click here for other Shoprite opportunities

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