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Win a Kia Picanto: Entrance is Free

Win a Kia Picanto: Entrance is Free

We have been promoting this competition for the rest of 2018, now it is your time to take it home. This car is for grabs and one lucky person will take it home.

Take this beauty home, enter for free

Do you believe that it could be you taking this car home? Well there is nothing to loose in trying your luck. This Kia Picanto is worth R200 000 and justplay is giving it out for free.

All you need to do is go and play by logging in or registering free. You register only once but you can play as many as you can to increase your chance of winning.

Draw date 18 January 2019

Win R20 000 Cash by 19 December

Other competitions includes a R20 000 cash. The R20 000 cash competition ends on the 19th of December. So your Christmas can be so marvelous if you win this. All competitions are free to enter. Invite friends to play to increase your entrances.

Draw date 19 December 2018

All I can say now to you is good luck and happy holidays.

Competition closed

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WIN R20 000 by 19 December

WIN R20 000 by 19 December

All you need to do to win this cash is to enter this competition for free. Have you heard the say that goes “good things in life are for free”. I guess your answer is YES. You have nothing to loose, all you need is to fill a small registration form and enter the competition.

To increase your chance of winning, you can enter as many times as you can. You only register once. The good thing is that you can even login with your Facebook so that you do not have to struggle with creating new login details.

The first competition is for a R20 000 cash and the draw date is 19 December. Yes only few days left. So enter now.

Here are some of other competitions you can enter:

A R2000 Checkers voucher can go a long way. With the current food prices, you can be assured that your December budget is complemented. All you need to do is have faith and enter these competitions. The best of all is that entering these competitions is absolutely free.

R1500 Takealot voucher is what you need this December. You can buy some gifts, toys for the kids or just anything you like. It’s your choice to make. Enter the R1500 Takealot voucher competition.

All I can say to you now is Good luck.

Please share this if you want your friends to win also.

Competition ended/closed

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Win Wimpy voucher worth R500 by 14 November 2018. 

Win Wimpy voucher worth R500 by 14 November 2018.

If you love to get free stuff, this is the right place for you. We have discovered that people are getting free cash prizes, phones, cars and lots of prizes for entering free online competitions.

Win Wimpy voucher worth R500 by 14 November 2018.  Enter for free to win.

These competitions are offered by JustPlay and registration and entrance are free. Play as many times as you can in order to increase the chances of taking home some of the cool prizes.

The price of fuel is burdening drivers by day. There is a prize just for drivers and car owners.

Andy Khavhela just won R20 000 in hard cash. If you need to boost your pocket, be like him and make your entry here. You could be walking to the bank to collect a R20 000 or R30 000. You can use the money for whatever you need, it’s your money. But remember, to get it you must play first. To play, you must register yourself here.

Who does’t want the feeling of owning an iPhone. The slickness of the companion, the clear photos and the speed when taking those selfies. You gotta love having this.

My personal favorite is the Kia Picanto, this Kia Picanto is for Grabs. The competition is ending 30 November and the winner will be announce on 18 January 2019. If you don’t believe you can win, just make one entrance and forget about it. But if you really love to win, play as many as you can.

I am also playing, maybe I will get it. Haha! but I want you to have it coz I already have plenty wheels but who does’t want a free wheel!.

Competition ended/closed

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