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500 Young People Wanted for Data Science Learnerships

Sign up now for our fully sponsored 1-Year Data Science Program starting January 2020 and launch a lucrative career in the world’s sexiest job.

Explore Data Science Academy offers 500 free data science internships for 2020

Are you young, smart, ambitious and hard-working and looking for a bite at the ‘sexiest’ career choice of the 21st century? Africa’s leading data science academy Explore Data Science Academy(EDSA) has the offer of a lifetime for 500 of South Africa’s brightest minds.

Applications open today for its industry leading 12-month Seta Accredited Data Science Programme in 2020.

Applicants should be between 18 and 35 years of age.

No prior degree is required, but a quantitative background is useful.

Past interns have had varying skills including mathematics, marketing, media, medical and legal backgrounds.

To qualify for the fully sponsored one-year programme (including tuition and a stipend), applicants must successfully complete an online application, which probes candidates’ analytical and problem solving capabilities, as well as attend a data science boot camp and a round of interviews with the team at EDSA.

Launched just two years ago in Cape Town with 100 interns at its first intake, EDSA has an enviable track record of success and now has a second campus in Braamfontein Gauteng, as well as a new data analytics course. Plans are afoot for a third campus to open in Durban in 2020.

“We are the first African institution to offer a focused, comprehensive and free year-long accredited skills data science programme that builds the relevant digital skills within our youth, so that they can thrive in the new economy,” explains EDSA cofounder Shaun Dippnall.

“We know that we have a world-class facility,” states Dippnall, “95 percent of our 2019 programme graduates have been employed at a median starting salary of R360 000 a year!”

According to Dippnall, the five-fold increase in student numbers in just two years underscores the burgeoning demand for data science and analytics in both the local and global digital economy – a demand that currently far exceeds supply.

“Recognising the value of qualified data science skills, many of South Africa’s leading corporate companies looking to digitise their operations and leverage big data, have come on board to sponsor our training programmes,” Dippnall said. Founding sponsor BCX has invested R50-million over three years.

The Explore Data Science Academy is the brainchild of founders Shaun Dippnall, Dave Strugnell and Aidan Helmbold, all highly qualified data scientists with actuarial qualifications and experience in lecturing, research and consulting.

“We offer students a globally competitive faculty and a course which incorporates cutting edge training material, leveraging the latest in data science and artificial intelligence research. In the classroom and during the work-experience phase of the programme, we focus on experiential learning, in other words, solving real-world problems. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime,” concludes Dippnall.

How to Apply

For more information and to apply for an intern post in 2020, go to CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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How He Bought His First Property for Just R20 000

How to make money in property

When I was 23 years old and practically broke, I bought my first investment property – with just R20 000 in my bank account.

After I finished university I realised that I wouldn’t get rich off a salary. I also saw that putting my money into a retirement annuity month after month wouldn’t get me to retire early.

So I searched for options to make money, at low risk and without loads of capital.

I’d make a little money investing in the stock market. But I wanted to invest in something a bit more tangible, that I had more control over.

That’s when I stumbled upon the secret of getting other people to pay for my retirement.

I bought a R365 000 property using other people’s money. I used the cash in my bank account to pay lawyers for transfer fees and leave some reserve to pay my initial shortfall.

Five years later I owe R320 000 on the property. I could fetch around R450 000 for the property today and bank a R110 000 profit after my initial R20 000 investment.

But that’s not the full story of how I’m becoming financially free…

How other people’s money will pay for my early retirement

The moment I bought this investment property the rental income I received from it basically covered the bond and levies. I only had to pay in R350 a month from my own pocket.

But the R3 500 rent I received immediately became income I earned in the bank’s eyes.

This meant I could access another loan.

This time, with a R10 000 deposit I secured a R555 000 apartment from a developer.

No transfer costs, no lawyers’ fees, not even a 10% deposit.

Year one I got R5 400 rental income a month, year two R5 600 and year three R6 000. Over the first two years I paid in R4 000 to cover expenses. By year three I had a positive cash flow.

By this time, the developer was selling his last units in the complex for R715 000.

From here on a tenant pays the property for me. I won’t have to pay in a cent going forward and I not only benefit from capital appreciation, I also collect cash every month to put towards my next property.

I’m 27 now. I own five properties. Combined, they’re worth R3.585m. I’ve used the bank’s money to buy all of them.

Over the years I haven’t invested much more than R100 000 of my own money. Yet, even after mortgage debt, my investments are worth R1.4m.

A couple more years and they’ll be paid off. By then I’ll own even more properties.

I could easy make enough money to retire earlier than my father.

I don’t need miracles, massive capital growth or a big bank balance. All I need is willing tenants and the bank’s money.

I’m sure you’ve heard rental horror stories, about property investors who lost money. That needn’t be the case.

Sure, I need to be prudent. I can’t overextend myself with debt. But I’m in the position where even a reasonable increase in interest rates wouldn’t hurt my property business.

I’ve picked up a couple of tricks from property managers regarding tenants. In five years I haven’t had a single month’s vacancy on any property I own. I’ve had only one slightly unsavoury tenant – who I got rid of quickly.

I’m constantly asked how I did it.  And, after some persuasion from friends, I sat down and put together a guide on how to use other people’s money to build a profitable property business. I’ve now made this guide publicly available, for free.  Just click here to get your copy.

*Francois Joubert is a property investor and investment strategist for You can read more of his articles here.

Source: Fin24

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Make Money On Your Next Shopping

Free money South Africa

I just discovered some cool apps that you can use to make extra cash from the phone you are using to read this, even on the computer. You can redeem the virtual money for cash, airtime, data or shopping vouchers.

Here below are the apps you can use to make money anywhere using your phone.


Join South Africa’s fastest growing shopping community, earning real cash back when they shop in-store!

Sign up free to join SnapNSave now by clicking on here

2. M4JAM

Join me on M4JAM and make money doing tiny jobs on your smartphone.

Sign up free to join M4JAM now by clicking on here.

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Anglo American Platinum Learnerships X54 Positions in Various Areas

Anglo American Platinum Learnerships X54 Positions in Various Areas

Additional Information:

  • Anglo American Platinum shall apply the Employment Equity principles as set out in Anglo Platinum’s Employment Equity Policy.
  • Incomplete CV’s and /or applications will not be considered.
  • Application will not be considered without a valid copy of the qualification and/or the license required for this role.
  • Interested External candidates can apply as follows: / Careers/ Job Opportunities / Click on Apply/ Job search / Enter the reference number or job title and continue to apply
  • Certified copies of original certificates must be provided on day of the interview.
  • Applicants should state in their application form, their geographical area and the advert number
  • Successful applicants will be informed and invited to complete the necessary assessments and interview
  • Anglo American Platinum shall apply the Company’s employment equity policy.
  • If you do not hear from the Company within 21 days after the closing of the advert, please consider your application to be unsuccessful.

Fraud Alert! Help us beat fraud.

Anglo American Platinum would never ask you for money in exchange for a job interview. Anglo American Platinum has a formal online recruitment process to advertise vacancies, which provides a unique job number for tracking purposes. Visit AngloAmerican.jobopportunities for more details. Please be cautious of anyone claiming to be from, Anglo American Platinum who makes false job offers, asks for money to participate in an employment process or runs a fake job lottery.

Download Full advertisement here

Please contact if you think you might have received a suspicious email or sms. Report all suspicious activity to your local law enforcement authorities.”

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Pick n Pay is Hiring Various Fields

Letsema Banking Learnership Programme BANKSETA Various Provinces

Management Graduate Learnerships for 2020 Bankseta

Capitec Bank Teller Various Locations

TVET Courses that NSFAS Funds

PwC Traineeships Fraud Investigation

Audit Traineeships PwC

Get More details at:

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Why Investors Collect Coins: Background of South African Coins

South Africa known formerly as ‘The Cape of Good Hope’ was administered as a Dutch colony between 1652 to 1795 by the famous Dutch East India Company. This continued until the British forces over ran the country and legalized the British currency from 1826.

By 1795 there was a continuous deficiency for the small change. From this the 1797’s cartwheel pennies were launched in 1800 and were acknowledged as stuivers.

South Africa did not issue their first coin until 1892, however the production was ceased in 1919 due to the war of the British occupation. As a result all the South African Coins were based on British coinage as they were a colony of Great Britain. The size and content was the same as the British coinage until 1962 when the country was made a Republic. The British 3 pence was nick named ‘Ticky’.

In the year 1806 to simplify the shortage of small coins, the ship guilder coins were sent into circulation. An additional supply of pennies and shillings became apart of the circulation and the Spanish Dabloon was revealed for the first time. Before and after the announcement of independence in 1854 of the Orange Free State, South African coinage was widely used.

History Of South African Coins

Historical Details about the Big Demand for South African Coins

Some individuals accumulate coins by keeping in mind its chronological value. A lot of coin collectors commited to collecting coins during a definite period of history such as the declarations of autonomy and wars. Coins can enlighten inimitable stories. Thus, South African coins have an immense historical value.

Moreover,  some of the precious and collected South African coins are the Griqua, Mandela R5 coin, 6 pence ZAR and Krugerrand. The trade for coins in South Africa tolerates the access of the leading collectors and investors. South African coins took its cost more than millions of US dollars. There is no any doubt of a coin’s legitimacy, as their coins are separately marked and legitimated.

South African Gold sovereign Coins were minted under the Britsh empire.

There were 220,000 ZAR coins and 6 pence were produced in the year 1892 until 1997. It is one of the popular mintage during that period. It portrays Paul Kruger, and it has .0841 oz of silver. Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek coins appeared during Boer War in the year 1899 until 1902. The record behind the Krugerrand is that, South Africa presented the Krugerrands as one of their gold bullion coins since 1967 to serve the principle of providing the vast number of South African gold.

The South African Krugerrand Coin was considered as an authorized tender gold bullion coin that brought exactly 1 oz of pure Gold. After understanding a few points mentioned above concerning the worth and histories of such South African coins, the Mandela R5 assessed its own collection for itself! The Mandela R5 coin is derived due to its developed power, by the worldwide trade name “Mandela”.

In fact, Nelson Mandela is a part of the legend of South Africa and plays a considerable part in the history of South Africa. When the Mandela R5 coin becomes rare prospective generations will be fascinated by the legend as one of the best men that ever lived. However, the current system of South Africa is based on decimal with the unit of money referred “Rand”. Below is the listing of the coins that includes in circulation.

1 Cent (1/100 of a Rand)

2 Cents (2/100 of a Rand)

5 Cents (5/100 of a Rand)

10 Cents(10/100 of a Rand)

20 Cents (20/100 of a Rand)

50 Cents (50/100 of a Rand)

1 Rand (100/100, 1 full Rand)

2 Rands (200/100, 2 full Rands)

5 Rands (500/100, 5 full Rands)

South African Silver Coinage

The South African 5 shillings features the famous Springbok in the centre of the coin. It contains 0.800 grams of silver and weighs 28.28 grams. This was South Africa’s iconic silver coin and they minted just over 1.4 million coins between 1948 to 1950 with the majority minted between 1948 and 1949.


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Anglo America is Hiring

Closing Date: 31 July 2019

The Graduate Programme is about finding the very best talent to help us create a more sustainable future.

You’ll contribute to our business from the first day you join us.

You’ll take on two or three roles during the three-year programme, learning through doing, working alongside top industry experts on an accelerated and exhilarating development journey that’s rooted in a purpose-led high-performance culture.

Applicants must…

  1. Have a degree or postgraduate degree (Honours or Masters) in disciplines relevant to mining, in particular, Engineering ( National Diploma or BSC Mechanical / Electrical Engineering / Mining Engineering / Metallurgical Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Rock Engineering / Mineral Surveying) and relevant sub-disciplines; Commerce ( Finance & Accountancy / ); Data Science;Human Resources Management; Geology; Safety and Sustainability; and Environment Science.
  2. Have excellent academics.
  3. Be team players with strong leadership potential.
  4. Demonstrate drive, ambition and a passion for challenging work in our Operations.
  5. Actively participate in campus and community life.

How To Apply

Apply Online for the Anglo American Graduate / Internship Programme

If you do not hear from the Company within 21 days after the closing of the advert, please consider your application to be unsuccessful.  

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Data internship Programme at MMI Holdings

Through our client-facing brands Metropolitan and Momentum, with Multiply (wellness and rewards programme), and our other specialist brands, including Guardrisk and Eris Property Group, the group enables business and people from all walks of life to achieve their financial goals and life aspirations..

We help people grow their savings, protect what matters to them and invest for the future. We help companies and organisations care for and reward their employees and members. Through our own network of advisers or via independent brokers and utilising new platforms Momentum Metropolitan provides practical financial solutions for people, communities and businesses. Visit us at

Data Intern (#27493) at Client Engagement Solutions


Provide a core support function for the Momentum Retail Group (Multiply) and data warehouse for the provision of meaningful management information, using standard business intelligence methodology and toolsets, to support business strategy.


Understanding the data structures and sources that feed information into Data Warehouse and to translate this knowledge into technical queries, that will support business to deliver formulated strategies and data rich insights, e.g. Input into client insights, static reporting requirements etc.
Interacting with business and Data sources to deliver solutions for standardised and regular reporting, thus automating the reporting function to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.
Assisting and training business users on the data structures and Business Intelligence toolsets available, guidance to create reports and general extraction of data.
Undertaking any task or duties that may be required to meet the demands, that is related to the post’s scope of responsibility;
Ensuring that regular, credible data is readily available to support business units with primary focus on the lifetime financial wellness of people, their communities and businesses.
Managing the development of enterprise BI solutions.
Providing secondary support for BI production applications, including maintenance thereof.
Advisory services to business units for BI availability, usage and exploitation.
Business user empowerment and training on BI dashboards and applications.


Business acumen
Client/ stakeholder commitment
Drive for results
Leads change and innovation
Impact and influence
Self-awareness and insight
Diversity and inclusiveness


Understanding of the Business Intelligence landscape.
Experience with Business Intelligence toolsets, specifically MS SQL, SSIS, Qlikview.
Understanding of products and services offered by the group.
Complementary Degree eg. B Com (informatics), BSc Computer Science or equivalent I.T. qualification

Please submit your application via our Careers page on

To apply, please follow the official system application process and get in touch with the PeopleSoft Helpdesk (021 940 5169) if you need further assistance.

Closing Date

25 July 2019

Contact Details

Ivone Tsimong (The purpose for this email address is solely for queries regarding the advertised position and no emailed CV’s will be accepted. Only online applications submitted via our Careers page will be considered.)


How to Apply

All positions will be filled in accordance with our Employment Equity plan.

We also encourage people with disabilities to apply.

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How to Finance Your Own Studies

What do you do if you don’t come from a wealthy family and the idea of a study loan makes you break out in a cold sweat?

What do you do if you don’t come from a wealthy family and the idea of a study loan makes you break out in a cold sweat?

There are other ways to fund your studies that don’t require you to trade your future or go into debt.

In fact there are countless success stories of people who came from challenging circumstances and yet were able to reach their career goals. This could be you!

Here are 5 tried and tested ways of financing your academic programme:

Get a Part-Time Job

The money earned through entry level jobs or shift work could help you to make ends meet while you are studying.

There are many employment opportunities that cater specifically to the student timetable. For example call centre or retail jobs can be scheduled according to your class and study times.

Apply for Financial Support

Get financial assistance from private companies or government institutions. There are many entities that offer funding to underprivileged students. In some instances this could also open doors for employment after graduation.

Start Tutoring

Tutoring is another great way to earn money while you study. The flexibility and convenience of tutoring is part of the appeal as it can be done on campus in between classes or after hours. In addition this job can position you for future academic roles.

Join a Crowdfunding Site

More people are turning to crowdfunding as a way to source money for their private projects and personal goals. In South Africa Feenix and Backabuddy are well known platforms used to raise money through generous sponsors.

Save Up

Take the pressure off while you study by choosing to save up first. This requires time and discipline but for those who succeed it can be an extremely rewarding alternative. If you choose to save your own money it can remove the stress of sourcing beneficiaries, navigating complex application processes and anxiously waiting for payouts.

Perhaps a combination of these funding methods is the best option. Due to the cost of a higher education it might be necessary to save, work and seek financial assistance to ensure that your study costs are fully covered. Whatever if you do, don’t allow money to stop you from studying further and achieving your dreams

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Hitachi Internship Programme Johannesburg

Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., helps data-driven leaders use the value in their data to innovate intelligently and reach outcomes that matter for business and society – what we call a double bottom line. Only Hitachi Vantara combines 100+ years of experience in operational technology (OT) and 60+ years in IT to unlock the power of data from your business, your people and your machines. We help enterprises store, enrich, activate and monetize data for better customer experiences, new revenue streams and lower business costs

Facilities Grad / InternBA degree business or related field preferred. Equivalent work experience considered.Apply Online for the Hitachi Facilities Graduate / Internship Programme
Marketing Grad / InternMarketing Degree / DiplomaApply Online for the Hitachi Marketing Graduate / Internship Programme
Marketing Grad / InternMarketing Degree / DiplomaApply Online for the Hitachi Marketing Graduate / Internship Programme
Human Resources Management Grad / InternAdministrative or Bachelor’s degree in business related discipline desiredApply Online for the Hitachi HR Graduate / Internship Programme
Receptionist – Grad / InternshipTelephone Skills, Verbal Communication, Microsoft Office Skills, Listening, Professionalism, Customer Focus, Organization, Informing Others, Handles Pressure, Phone SkillsApply Online for the Hitachi Receptionist Graduate / Internship Programme
SALES Grad / Intern (PARTNER TEAM)Experience in Sales/Business Development (either from IT technology vendor, distributor or system integrator perspective) is preferred.Apply Online for the Hitachi Sales Graduate / Internship Programme
SALES OPERATIONS Grad / InternApply Online for the Hitachi  Graduate / Internship Programme
Information Technology Grad / InternIT or Computer Science degree.Apply Online for the Hitachi IT Graduate / Internship Programme
Sales Grad / InternUniversity degree (IT, Computer science, Business, Marketing) with some working experienceApply Online for the Hitachi Sales Graduate / Internship Programme

We are an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

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Traffic Officer Learnerships

Closing Date: 19 July 2019

Ref: SS 48 / 19

Metro Police and Traffic Learnership The City invites suitably qualified, unemployed youth aged 18-35, who meets the following minimum requirements to apply for a learnership in Road Traffic Law Enforcement


  • Grade 12 
  • A valid Code B Driver’s Licence
  • No criminal record 
  • Physically fit 
  • Trainees must successfully complete the Further Education and Training Certificate: Road Traffic Law Enforcement, as well as the Metro Police Department Law Enforcement (MPDLE) Skills Program SP4/2011 
  • Successful candidates must attend all classes for the duration of the learnership (18 months)

Key Performance Areas:

The successful completion of the Further Education and Training Certificate: Road Traffic Law Enforcement, as well as MPDLE Skills Program

PLEASE NOTE: Shortlisted candidates may be required to undergo:

  • A driving ability assessment 
  • A medical test as proof that the candidate may do strenuous exercise
  • A fitness assessment
  • Fingerprint checks by the SAPS 
  • Substance abuse checks 
  • Extensive physical training as well as training in accordance with the Firearms and Ammunitions Act

How To Apply

Apply by sending Metro to 33002

Applicants will be required to answer 14 questions via SMS at a cost of R1.50c per SMS

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Clicks Learnership Programme

Clicks Learnership Programme Johannesburg and Other Areas

Do you want to work and obtain a qualification at the same time? Are you passionate about healthcare and delivering superior patient care? Clicks has an exciting opportunity available to complete a Learnership Programme to qualify as a Pharmacist Assistant. The position reports to the Pharmacy Manager.

Purpose and Objectives

Learnership Programme:

  • Successfully complete a National Certificate: Pharmacy Assistance Learnership Programme (Learner Basic Pharmacist Assistant) and a Further Education and Training Certificate: Pharmacist Assistance (Learner Post Basic Pharmacist Assistant) through the accredited Pharmacy Healthcare Academy
  • A structured learning programme that consists of a theoretical and practical component and that leads to a qualification that is registered on the National Qualification Framework (NQF)

As a Learner on this programme you will be required to meet the following objectives:

  • Successfully complete the Learnership Training Contracts at a registered Clicks Pharmacy and under an approved tutor
  • Attend the required training interventions and successfully complete the competency assessments
  • Submit a Portfolio of Evidence
  • Provide support to the healthcare team in one of the Click’s Pharmacies under the supervision of a registered Pharmacist and within the legal scope of practice as outlined by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC)


Qualification requirement:

  • Essential requirement: completion of Grade 12 with a minimum of 50% in Mathematics (or 60% in Mathematical Literacy) ; 50% in English and a Pass in Life Science (Biology)/Physics

Skills, Abilities and Job Related Knowledge:

  • Customer service orientated
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Computer Literacy

Essential Competencies:

  • Adhering to Principles and Values
  • Working with People
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Following Instructions and Procedures
  • Relating and Networking
  • Planning and Organising

Preference will be given to individuals that:

  • Meet the Company’s EE targets as set out in our employment equity plan
  • Meet the furtherance of the National agenda for the development of unemployed youth

Work back agreement:

  • Successful applicants will be required to enter into a work back agreement and will be required to work for Clicks as a qualified Pharmacist Assistant for a period equal to the length of the learnership period as a minimum

How to Apply

Apply online in Edendale

Apply online in Midlands

Apply online in Rustenburg

Apply online in Johannesburg(Visited 757 times, 1 visits today)

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Bryte Learnership Programme

Contract, Learnership

Company: Bryte Insurance Company Limited
Reference #LSP20
Contract Type: Contract 12 Months
Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

IntroductionThe Bryte Learnership Programme is offered in partnership with INSETA (Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority) and focuses on assisting previously disadvantaged young South Africans, by creating the opportunity to gain work-related experience in the Short-Term Insurance industry.

Job FunctionsIntern



  • Under the age of 24 (i.e. turning 24 in 2020)
  • South African citizen
  • Grade 12 qualification
  • 50% in Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy
  • 50% in English Higher or Standard Grade
  • 50% in a Second Language Higher or Standard Grade
  • No further qualifications since Grade 12 and not presently studying towards a qualification
  • Not have the financial means to obtain a qualification
  • CV
  • Certified ID copy
  • Certified Matric certificate
  • Certified doctors letter confirming disability for candidates living with a disability

Job Closing Date16/07/2019

How to Apply

Apply online at Bryte Career page(Visited 1,340 times, 1 visits today)

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Learnership for people with Grade 9

Minimum entry requirements for the Wholesale & Retail Operations Learnership

  • Grade 9 with maths literacy and communications.

The National Certificate address skills and competencies for enabling entry-level employment and positions. 

The qualifying learner will be able to access opportunities for further development and training in the speciliased areas of Wholesale and Retail.

Minimum entry requirements for the Wholes

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Wholesale and Retail Operations Learnership

Minimum entry requirements for the Wholesale & Retail Operations Learnership

  • Grade 9 with maths literacy and communications.

The National Certificate address skills and competencies for enabling entry-level employment and positions. 

The qualifying learner will be able to access opportunities for further development and training in the speciliased areas of Wholesale and Retail.

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Internships Johannesburg Minuch Re

Closing Date: 31 July 2019
Location: JHB

As a Graduate at Munich Re of Africa, you will be expected to:

  • Take part in Soft Skills and Technical training
  • Be participate in cross-divisional project teams
  • Participate in Company Business Projects(where applicable)

Munich Re will offer:

  • Work / Life balance
  • Great working environment
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Training and Development
  • 12 months fixed term contract (with a possible 1 year extension)

Your profileWe are looking for the following graduates:

  • BSc Actuarial Science (Min. 4 CTs)
  • BCom Accounting/Finance
  • BCom Risk Management
  • BA Communications
  • Diploma in Supply Chain Management/ Logistics or Procurement
  • Students graduating at the end of 2019
  • An excellent academic record
  • Individuals who are driven and passionate

A team player who relates well to people from different backgrounds and cultures, with good interpersonal and communications skills and the ability to share and transfer knowledge

How To Apply

Apply Online Click Here

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