City of Polokwane Internship Programme for 2020 Various Fields

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City Planning and Property Management (Property Management) (Ref: 01)
National Diploma Degree Real Estate Property Law / LLB

City Planning and Property Management (Planning Control and outdoor advertising) (Ref: 02)
Degree / National Diploma in Town City and Regional Planning

City Planning and Property Management (Land use Management) (Ref: 03)
Degree / National Diploma in Town City and Regional Planning

City Planning and Property Management (Spatial Planning) (Ref: 04)Degree / National Diploma in Town / City and Regional Planning

City Planning and Property Management (Corporate Geoinformatics) (Ref: 05)
Degree / National Diploma in Geoinformatics / Degree / National Diploma Land Survey 

Risk Management (Ref: 06)
Degree Diploma in Risk Management Internal Auditing Financial Management 

Sports and Recreation Special Focus (Ref: 07)
Degree / National Diploma in mice Management and technology Office Administration and Sports Management

Special Focus (Ref: 08)
National Diploma Degree in Social Work Psychology Community Development Nursing Diploma Gender Studies A sary Social Work Auxiliary Nursing or HVADS counseling 

Communication and Marketing (Ref: 09)
Degree / National Diploma Communications / Marketing / Public Relations and Graphic Design

Office of the Municipal Manager (Ref: 10)
Degree / National Diploma in Secretarial / Office Administration

Economic Development and Tourism (Ref: 11)
Degree / National Diploma Business Management Development Degree / National Diploma

Economic Development and Tourism (Investment Promotion) (Ref: 012)Degree / National Diploma Marketing

Economic Development and Tours (Tourism Management) (Ref: 013)
Degree / National Diploma tourism

Economic Development and Tourism (Economic Planning & Development) (Ref: 014)
Degree / National Diploma Economics

Economic Development and Tourism (Enterprise Development Co

operative Development) (Ref: 015)
Degree / National Diploma Business Management Entrepreneurship

Economic Development and Tourism (Business Center, Cooperatives and SMMES) (Ref: 016)
Degree / National Diploma Business Management Entrepreneurship

Economic Development and Tourism (Agriculture) (Ref: 017)
Degree/National Diploma Agriculture / Agriculture Management Agricultural Economics

Cluster Office  (Ref: 18)
Degree / National Diploma Public Management / Office Administration 

Legislative Support (Ref: 19)
Degree / National Diploma Public Administration / Public Management / Political Science 

Waste Management (Ref: 20)
Degree / National Diploma in Environmental Management / Science

Legal Services (Ref: 21)
Degree / National Diploma LLB / Training course for legal practice will be an added advantage

Water and Sanitation (Treatment Plant) (Ref: 22)
Degree / National Diploma in Water Care / Engineering Studies / (Chemical Operations) Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation (Ref: 23)
Degree / National Diploma in Chemistry / Microbiology / Analytical Chemistry

Water and Sanitation (Water Workshop) (Ref: 24)
Degree / National Diploma / BTech in Civil Engineering

Human Resource Management (Training) (Ref: 25)
Degree / National Diploma in HRM / Management Training / HRD

Human Resource Management Employee (Assistance Programme) (Ref: 26)
Degree / National Diploma in Social Science / Social Work / Psychology

Human Resource Management (Occupational Health and Safety) (Ref: 27)
Degree / National Diploma in Ergonomics / Occupational Health and Safety

Building Inspectorate (Ref: 28)
Degree / National Diploma in Built Environment

Transportation & Roads (Ref: 29)
Degree / National Diploma Public Administration / Bookkeeping Human Resources Management Logistics or Supply Chain


  • Applicants should be South African citizens, aged between 18 and 35
  • Applicants should be residents with the jurisdiction of Polokwane Municipality
  • Applicants should be unemployed and should not have participated in  any internship programme before
  • Successful candidates will be subjected to security vetting

How to Apply

Detailed CV with signed application letter quoting correct internship programme and reference number applied for, certified copy of ID, certified copies of qualifications and proof of resident r authorised letter from traditional leaders should be delivered at:

9th floor office no 105 Civic Centre Corner Landros Mare and Bodenstein Street or can be posted to the attention of Municipal Manager Polokwane Municipal, PO Box 111 Polokwane 0700

NB: People with disabilities are encouraged to apply

If you are applying for more than programme please, please submit a separate application for each. Should you not hear from within 3 months after the closing days consider your application as unsuccessful. 

We thank all applicants for the interest shown.

Enquiries can be directed to MS MP Mello /  Ms Lomana 01520 2211 / 015202023) 

NB: Do not pay for any job placement, a job cannot be sold. The job has to pay you not the other way round.

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