Customer Engagement Administrator Anglo American

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Customer Engagement Administrator Anglo American

Preference will be given to individuals in line with the AAESS Employment Equity Plan.



Oversee the Contact Centre/Walk-In Centre function within EMEA ES Global Shared Service including the effective integration of processes within GSS to ensure efficient and effective resolution of customer queries within the GSS scope of service offerings as well as the associated processes of employee engagement and inbound document management.


The Customer Engagement Administrator is responsible for executing Contact Centre and Walk In Centre activities in a manner that ensures excellent customer service delivery. The incumbent will accurately assess the customer’s needs and effectively address these in a professional manner. During customer interactions the incumbent must achieve customer satisfaction while managing customer expectations.

The incumbent is responsible for the resolution of first line customer and employee queries and submission of input documentation relating to the services represented. The CE Administrator will also execute the support activities for Employee Services processes mentioned below:

  • Resourcing
  • Learning and Development
  • Data Management and
  • Payroll Execution.

As some enquiries might be escalated from the ES Walk In Centre / Contact Centre to resolvers in the Process Teams, the incumbent must develop strong working relationships with these resolver groups to ensure effective management of workflow and the efficient resolution of queries.


Service Delivery and Excellence:

  • Portray a professional, customer orientated image of the GSS – Employee Services organization.
  • Cultivate trust with in all customer relationships by means of effective customer communication and interact effectively while displaying empathy and courtesy. Continuously provide customer service in accordance with good corporate governance, rules and regulations
  • Work as an integrated ES team member with the Processing teams to ensure knowledge transfer
  • Assist Customers in making more effective use of self-service stations and systems, products and services
  • Educate and inform customers on the full range of services rendered by the GSS

Query Resolution and Case Management:

  • Staff and operate the Walk In Centre / Contact Centre with regards to:
    • Current employee queries
    • Potential future employee queries
    • Ex-employee queries
    • Management queries
  • Interface with customers and service providers by providing a first line problem resolution service for the GSS and the Customer
  • Respond to and investigate Customer queries and problems reported
  • Escalate unresolved queries to resolvers in the Processing teams for remedial actions. The incumbent must develop strong working relationships with these resolver groups to ensure effective management of workflow and the efficient resolution of queries
  • Ensure correct logging of queries on the relevant systems
  • Follow up and provide feedback, guidance and information to customers and stakeholders
  • Deal with customers in a professional manner and owning queries until it is resolved
  • Assess common query trends and make recommendations of processes to be implemented to alleviate the creation of queries
  • Where and when required, engage with the customer in order to resolve outbound queries referred to the WIC by the Contact Centre

Customer Service requests:

  • Respond to Customer Service requests (prioritizing as appropriate) eg copy of pay slips and leave form requests, etc.
  • Ensure correct logging of customer requests on the relevant systems

Document handling:

  • Receive customer documents to be forwarded to the Processing Centre
  • Verify documents in terms of appropriate levels of customer approval
  • Ensure that the correct ES forms are utilized
  • Where applicable and appropriately delegated, accept third party documentation on behalf of the customer (e.g. Garnishees) and forward to ES processing department
  • Verify documents in terms of correctness in terms of the Customer HR policies, procedures and relevant conditions of employment
  • Batch documents as per ES processing requirements
  • Forward documents as per courier arrangements to the ES processing department or as may be applicable, scan document into OCR scanning network
  • Print pay slips and inform Embedded HR to collect for individual distribution
  • Act as a distribution point/centre for distribution of general GSS and HR information distribution e.g. IRP5’s , Retirement Fund statements, etc.

Employee Engagement and Termination:

  • HR approval and forwarding to the successful job applicant
  • Arrange logistics for medical examination required
  • Contact successful applicant and confirm when he/she must report for service
  • Arrange logistics for employee’s first day in service and notify necessary parties of start date
  • Arrange company asset allocation for new employee based on the list received from Line Manager
  • Physically engage employee by means of assisting employee to complete Sign on pack / employment
  • Contract and relevant operational and statutory forms and as per information from the signed offer letter and applicable or relevant company policies
  • Providing an Induction training session on the Customer’s conditions of employment (mainly for assisted employees). Where required employees can be assisted individually
  • Forward employee contract to the embedded HR for relevant Manager sign-off and employee filing
  • Submit engagement documentation to ES processing
  • Forward termination pack to Embedded HR
  • Submit engagement documentation to ES processing
  • Forward termination pack to Embedded HR
  • When received back, check document for relevant completion and forward to ES processing
  • Where and when required, advise employee and Embedded HR on termination requirements and processes


  • Prepare permanent appointment letter for employees that received permanent appointment and sent to Embedded HR

Promote Best Practice & Knowledge Management:

  • Actively pursues the exchange and preservation of information between operations and individuals to facilitate effective knowledge management according to organisational objectives
  • Builds relationships with others in the GSS by sharing business information and knowledge

Service Management:

  • Responsible for standardisation of delivery to the business by supporting the Service Management Framework

Business Partner and Customer Relationships:

  • Manages stakeholders by adhering to service level agreements
  • Establishes and maintains Business Partner Relationships with the appropriate parties to facilitate the optimal functioning of the Functional Area


Health, Safety & Environment:

  • Demonstrate behaviour in line with health, safety and environmental standards
  • Report to your leader about any issues you can’t address


  • Demonstrate behaviour in line with the Group’s values, standards and a professional workplace
  • Participate as an effective team member in working collaboratively with your leader, peers and relevant others (including from other teams where relevant) to achieve business goals


  • Operate in a cost effective way, within limits set by your leader

Work Processes:

  • Work within policies, processes and systems and advise your leader of any issues which impede your, or the team’s performance
  • Matric / Grade 12.
  • The following will be advantageous:
    • Payroll or HR qualification (Recognition of Prior Learning will be acknowledged).
    • Knowledge of SAP systems (SAP 409, SAP Fusion and SAP CRM)
    • Knowledge of Transactional Content Processing System (TCP)
  • 2 – 4 years’ experience of working in a HR or Payroll field

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