Download Checkers Black Friday Specials Install the App

Download Checkers Black Friday Specials Install the App

In recent times, we carry the shopping malls in our pockets and when you need to buy you buy with your finger tips. The olden times to do a physical window shopping is over.

Download the Checkers App and see their specials before buying online or going to the store. You can also download the catalogue of specials and deals online. Save time, save energy, so your shopping from the app.

About Checkers

Checkers forms a part of the larger Shoprite chain and has two divisions, Checkers and Checkers Hyper. Checkers is a smaller store than Checkers Hyper and doesn’t offer quite as much variety, but you will still find all the basic necessities at Checkers. This chain is all about allowing customers to live the lifestyle they want, without spending an arm and a leg to maintain it.

Checkers affiliated with one of the biggest food retail groups in Africa and as a result they can offer quality products at low costs. They also cater to the hospitality and catering industry at wholesale prices.

Checkers also provides a range of services that include cash withdrawals, money transfers, account payments and buying tickets for traveling. This is over and above the normal kiosk services which include LOTTO tickets, airtime and prepaid electricity. They strive to improve this service range and welcome feedback. Their slogan is “better and better” after all. This store have a very strict privacy policy that insures your personal information is not shared with any third parties that you are not aware of.

Checkers offers amazing specials

Checkers offers amazing specials, without compromising on quality. They have House Brand products that are much cheaper than the conventional brands, and often better. They abscond on flashy packaging and offer their products in simple Checkers House Brand packaging in order to save on costs instead of using cheaper products. Checkers also in collaboration with Gordon Ramsay to ensure customers, especially children, have a healthy balanced diet with the Oh My Goodness snack range.


The Shoprite group is also actively involved in making a difference in the world. They support initiatives that help to empower women, fight hunger, develop skills and initiate change in communities. By focusing on these four areas the Shoprite group hopes to invest in the future of South Africa as a whole. Checkers isn’t just a great place to save some money it’s also a great place to save some lives.

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