Free Online Leadership Courses 2018

Free Online Leadership Courses 2018

Take advantage of a free diploma in Leadership and management. The course is offered online so no books no travelling. Register online now.

Shaw Academy believe that if you’re an aspiring manager you can learn to be a great leader. This foundation course provides you with key insights, tips and skills to better manage, perform, motivate and ultimately become a successful leader. During this introductory 4-week course, you will learn why management matters, and how successful leaders build high performing teams. Ultimately, leaders develop others to make a significant contribution to their work. If you are looking to increase your skills around management and leadership, and if you believe you have what it takes to lead, then register now to start this evolution.

Some of the lessons for this course are:

Are you a Manager or a Leader

We start by focusing on the basic skills that all managers and leaders must have to succeed. You will then explore the characteristics that great leaders bring to their positions. You will be able to use these characteristics to make you a better manager with the confidence to face any challenge ahead.

Learn to Motivate and Inspire Others

Leaders inspire their teams and motivate them not to fear change but embrace it. During lesson 4, you will gain key insights into how leaders encourage growth and development. Building trust is at the heart of what leaders do. You will learn how to make time for each team member and invest in their well-being. The result will be to make work more enjoyable and more productive for your team.

How to Enroll

Enrollment is free, Go to Shaw Academy’s Website and Choose your course now.

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