How to Apply to Universities in South Africa

The application process for further studies will be different for each university, but there are some standard elements that apply to every institution.

Application Criteria

Once you have decided on a university course find out what the requirements are to enter that programme.Once you have decided on a university course find out what the requirements are to enter that programme. The minimum requirement for university entrance is a Bachelor’s pass, however candidates my be expected to meet additional academic criteria. For example, students who wish to study toward a Commerce degree might be required to have a 60% matric pass in accounting and maths. The application criteria is specific to the university and course so visit your varsity website to find out if you qualify.

Application Dates

Every higher education institution will have their own set of application dates. These open and closing dates will signify when universities are ready to receive applications. Most universities close their application window on 30th September but again dates are set on an individual basis and students will need to check with their chosen university. These dates are important as universities will not accept applications after the specified deadline.

Application Fees

Due to the large amount of applications received each year universities charge an administration fee to process the paperwork. Fees can range from R100 to R400 depending on the university and the applicant. International students generally have to pay more, and students are sometimes required to pay penalties for late applications. Set some money aside for this expense.

Application Documents

In order to be considered for a place at a selected university applicants will need tp submit the following documents:

– A completed application form provided by the university
– A certified copy of the first page of your Identity Document.
– A certified copy of your Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification. Current grade 12 learners must submit all examination results from Grade 11 until September of grade 12.
– Any other documents specifically required for the course to which you are applying

Application Medium

More universities are moving toward online applications however in most cases printed application forms can still be delivered to a physical drop off point. Universities will likely receive application forms at their admissions department so contact the admissions office to find out how you can apply.

The sooner you apply the higher your chances of securing your spot. Don’t wait, apply today!

Here is a list and contact details for South African Universities


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