How to Become a Longrich Member or Distributor

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How to Become a Longrich Member or Distributor

Become a Longrich Distributor, Earn a weekly salary by selling and recruiting

What is Long Rich

✅Longrich is a Network Marketing company which deals supplements, Cosmetic, Skin care Products….etc They supply over 2000 products
✅It was established in 1986 in Asia
✅Originated in Asia, then Russia, then UK, UE Central Africa and and…
✅Launched in SA in 2016 Nov
✅ Products – I will send you a product slide on request
✅They supply different brands like, Adidas, Unilever, Woolworths, Elizabeth Arden and much more
✅All products are patent and approved by ISO…


Become a Longrich Distributor!!! Earn a weekly salary by selling and recruiting.

So what are the steps to follow?

Step 1

Become a member by buying one of following packages:

R1000 Q Silver member (You get products of R1000)

R1500 Silver member (You Get products of R1500)
R2000 Gold member (You Get products of R2000)
R2500 Platinum member(You Get products of R2500)

NB: Profit you make is not shared between you and longrich. It is all yours. You only go back to buy stock if necessary. 

See Products Available>>> Products Slides

Step 2

Recruit 3 members to be your downline (of whom you will be paid R450 for each once off referral bonus if they join and buy what is called a Rich Pack.)
The company doesn’t necessarily limit you , if you are capable. You can continue recruiting even after you have your 3 people, and continue to earn R450 once off for each person you recruit. It is another way of maximizing your weekly income.
You then have to teach your 3 people to replicate themselves, each must recruit their 3 people so that your business starts to grow gradually.


Step 3

Accumulate points as you recruit and sell your products. When you reach 720 points you start earning a constant weekly salary.

Join Longrich… Let’s close the gap of unemployment and underemployment, through healthy living, becoming your own boss, creating your own work schedule and determine your own PAY!

Easy ey…

On top of our weekly salary, we have incentives.!

Just have a look of our incentives plan

Longrich Incentives

1. International trips (3 per year) 2018 we have Dubai, Hollywood and China.

2. Car Incentive up to (R1.5 million)

4. Scholarships for a member (and bursaries up to 4 kids)

5. House incentive (house worth R2.5 million)

China its our Global Rally

D5 upwards we all going

D7 upwards they get rewards


At D3 u get R3000 e-cash (the e-cash voucher allows you to buy more products and get points as well)

At D4 u get R11500 patrol incentive and R6200 cellphone incentive

At D5 u get R55 000 mini car incentive

At D6 u get R300 000 car incentive

At D7 u get R600 000 leadership car incentive


D – stands for Diamond!

PVs – stand for Products Value

1. You need 5 people or 720 PVs to be D1

2. You need 14 people or 1680 PVs to get to D2

3. You need 30 people to Get D3

4. You need 100 people to be on D4

5. When your 100 get their 3 you are on D5

How do you start?

Now the ball in in your court, do you want to transform your life or do you want to stay at the same level?

Do you want to choose poverty over creating wealth?

Do you want to stay in debts over financial freedom?

We all start with one thing, MAKING A POSITIVE DECISION.

Make the right decision, WhatsApp me for Longrich Banking details and make payment and start today. Send “My Longrich” via WhatsApp to +27827925608 ( 0827925608)

The future begins with a positive decision, see you on WhatsApp.

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