How to Make Money with Homechoice Sales Agents Programme

How to Make Money with Homechoice Sales Agents Programme

Are you unemployed or working but looking to make extra income at home?. These day, we live in a period where money is a necessity to help us push our lives. We are faced with petrol hikes, inflation and more recently the VAT increase in our country.

The income we get from our employment cannot serve all our needs.
That is why we need an extra income. An income to supplement our normal day jobs.
I have recently learned about Homechoice Sales Agents programme that you can use to earn extra cash.
How does this work?
As a Homechoice Sales Agent you will:
Receive all the training you need.
Receive all the tools you need.
Earn more, the more effort you put in.
Earn thousands of rands in commission selling HomeChoice products.
Work from home and be your own boss.
Every month you’ll get:
A brand-new catalogue.
An agent commission statement showing how much you’ve earned!
Tips on how to make more sales.
Monthly incentives, including prizes and cash bonuses to top Team Leaders and Sales Agents.

How to Become a Homechoice Sales Agent

Go to Homechoice Website
Search for Sales Agents or go to the bottom of the website
Read more about sales agents programme
SMS Homechoice or send them an email
They will send you an application form
Complete the application form and send back to Homechoice with a copy of your ID.
Wait for Homechoice’s response
If your application is approve, you will get a sales agent number that works as a unique number to identify you.
You will get catalogs and order forms via post.
You will be invited when there are training to attend.
Then, you can enjoy making money with the popularly demanded goods from Homechoice.
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