How to Prepare Your Child Going Back to School

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How to Prepare Your Child Going Back to School. Dr Dona Matthews and Ann Richardson offer advise explaining the protocols to your children and practicing the safety measures and routines at home. Read about How to Prepare Your Child Going Back to School.

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Explain what going back to school means

Developmental psychologist Dr Dona Matthews says it is important to try to ease your child into the idea of returning to school. 

Matthews suggests talking to your child and explaining the health and safety protocols. This includes teaching them about the rules of social distancing, hygiene and temperature checks. 

“Be warm and confident when you talk to your child about all this. Ask if they have any questions, and take time to think about your answers.” says Matthews.

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“Tell them they will probably have more questions, and that you’re always glad to talk when they do have questions. Acknowledge this is a big deal in their life, and reassure them that you’re there to make sure it all goes well.”

Matthews also suggests for parents to have a reassuring attitude as a positive and confident attitude will allow children to ease into the idea of going back to school. 

“You want them to be aware of the legitimacy of their worries, but confident the adults in their life are doing everything they can to keep them safe.”


Registered nurse and midwife Ann Richardson, says parents should try to practice the health and safety protocols at home so children will be prepared once they go into the outside world. 

“Encourage frequent washing of hands. Show your child pictures of the thermometers and make one out of an empty toilet roll so you can practice taking their temperature at home in a play environment.”


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