I Made R12 600 From 3PExcel

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I Made R12 600 From 3PExcel

Here is my story about 3pexcel. I joined 3pexcel end of September 2018 and I have already made R12 600 on one of my accounts. I joined 3pexcel with only R1200. Then I started recruiting. 3pexcel allows us to earn 50% referral bonus when we refer new members directly. And we can add up to 2 people under each member. I therefore decided to add other two accounts under my main account so that the first two people recruited should also be my own accounts. This way, I should be able to get the benefits of both legs plus the main account.

From the main account I have made R12 600.

Let me break this down for you. R8400 is for direct bonuses. Direct bonus is R600 per person recruited. Then I also made R1200 for indirect bonuses. Indirect bonus is R300 per person. This bonus is for the four people placed under my first two people. That is my second generation as per the geneology. I also earned R3600 stage completion bonus. 3pexcel gives us stage completion bonuses as we complete stages from stage 2 upwards. So I have already completed stage 2 of which I qualified for R3600. So the total for this one account is R12 600.

This has been achieved in less than two months. If I was able to do this in just two months, you too can do it. Maybe you can do much better than I did.

Join my team, let’s make money with 3pexcel.

NB: Do not pay for any job placement, a job cannot be sold. The job has to pay you not the other way round.
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