I Make Money with 3pExcel Join Me in this Business

I Make Money with 3pExcel Join Me in this Business

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3pexcel is very new in South Africa and we are taking advantage of this business opportunity. I have joined in September 2018 but I have already made R4800 with 3pexcel. You too can make this money. Read more to find out how 3pexcel works. When you are done reading contact me on Whatsapp to continue the registrations. You can also see more details at www.3pexcelsa.co.za 


The company name is 3pexcel, 3P’s for people, product, profit.

It’s an International company that has a huge presence in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda and now in South Africa. There are a few more African countries that are part of it.

It is New in South Africa, and that’s a best thing because the best time to join any MLM is in the beginning stages

3P Excel product is a discount card, which allows you to purchase products and services at a discount from certain partner members.

3Pexcel Compensation Plan

So How do You Become a Member
To become a 3pexcel member you pay R1,200 into the company’s FNB account and send proof to be registered.
You can send proof of payment to me as a sponsor/or introduced to facilitate registrations.

From there you sign up 2 PEOPLE under you. They each join with R1,200 and you will receive a R600 once off REFERRAL BONUS per person that you recruit. That is R1200 for the two people minus R300 once off Admin fee, So your total for the first people will be R900

The money reflects on your back office Within 3 to 24 Hours _Able to Withdraw to your local bank account within 3 to 24 Hours. Monday – Friday: 08h00 to 16h00.

With your very 1st two recruits the company deducts R300 admin fee, so your bonus for your first 2 people will be R900.
Remember, you can make more money by introducing more people.
Everyone you personally introduce you get R600. These people you place them under your team.

Still need more info?
Listen to the audio below and I will send you more info on request.

Join 3P Excell today, start making money today.
Take advantage of this new company.

Click Here to See How much You earn for completing the stages.

3Pexcel South Africa Stages

The company website is za.3pexcel.com for SA and 3pexcel.com internationally. More info can be found there for your information / reference.


Send the word “3pexcel” via Whatsapp to +2782 792 5608 (0827925608)

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