Independent Products Distributors Wanted: South Africa and Lesotho

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Welcome to the Longrich Business Opportunity, this is the beginning of great things, see more below.
Please note, Longrich is not a job but a business Opportunity and a business opportunity is more than a JOB 
Here is a brief explanation about Longrich
What is Longrich?
Longrich Network Marketing was establised 1986-Originated in Asia… then Russia. .UK. .UE Central Africa.
-Landed in SA. 2016 November.
– In SA our head office is in Randburg at number 284 Oak Avenue.
To be a member you need to buy Longrich products of R1500, R2000 or R2500 as a starter or entry level.
Then recruit 3 People and place them under your name.
Immediately you will be paid for your 1st 3 people R1350, the company thank you that you have recruited 3 People
Then you teach your 3 People to replicate themselves.. and they teach their 3 People to do the same…(everyone recruits 3 people)
You then get paid weekly commissions and bonuses as your team grows.
You accumulate points when your team grow
-Car Incentives
-Cellphone and petrol incentives
-International trips
-A house incentive
-A degree for up to 4kids
-Join now, buy products
-Recruit 3 people who will buy their products each
-Encourage your 3 recruits to recruit 3
-Following these steps then you are to be successful in the business
1. Referral Get paid R450
For each member that joins the business under you, you’ll get a referral bonus of R450💵
At Longrich we are paid weekly
1. Referral Bonus
2. Leadership Bonus
3. Perfomance Bonus
4. Development Bonus
5. Maintenance /Repeat Order Bonus
One can be able to join the business with stock from as little as R1500 or R2000🤑🤑🤑
BUT. ​I strongly advise you to join with R2500 as the Platinum package is currently in promotion​.
If you join buying products worths R2500, your stock includes a Rich Pack and you will be made a Platinum member and get benefits of that title. Which is 12% commission from your recruits.
And you are required to get 3 people below you and you will get R1350 as a Thank you bonus/Cash focus bonus. But it does not end there, if you continue recruiting, you get R450 for each person you bring into the business. This is called sponsoring. When you recruit, you become a sponsor for your recruits, so you get the R450 each time you bring a new paying member on board.
What to do with the products purchased?
The products you buy you can sell them or use them for yourself.💼💄. Plus Longrich has variety of products in demand, more than 2000 products ranging from cosmetics, health care, cookware and accessories.
If you can be able to get any person before Friday,  you get paid on Friday
Each friday you will be receiving your payment according to the level you are in.
Let me tell you that, I am so killing it with presentations. People are joining the business fast because it is life changing.
So How Can You Start
To start making money with Longrich Send the word “Longrich” via WhatsApp to 0827925608
We will tell you more on how to Join Longrich Business Opportunity.
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