Job Seekers Find Assistance in Career Development for Free

The Shaw Academy, the world’s largest online live educator partners with different sites to assist jobseekers in developing their careers.
The partnership enables jobseekers to access affordable, live online learning courses of which the first is provided to them free of charge.

“Candidates very often miss out on great job opportunities because they don’t meet the required skills needed for the job.
The goal is to provide the opportunity to job seekers entering the job market to further their skills in their own time and enhance their career prospects.

More importantly, it gives those job seekers who cannot afford tertiary education the chance to upskill,” said, Paul Byrne.

The partnership has been a great success thus far. In the last six months alone CareerJunction and Shaw Academy have upskilled over 10,000 jobseekers.
The courses cover a wide range of areas including digital marketing, web development, career enhancement, and social media marketing.
There are also a number of wellness focused courses such as nutrition and diet and weight management. All subjects are delivered live online which enable students to fully interact with the educator.

Byrne added, “We believe that our partnership with Shaw Academy is a great step to develop and help build new skills among South Africans and motivate them to take their careers to new heights. After receiving the initial free course, learners are able to continue learning at very reasonable rates. More importantly, all courses are internationally accredited.”

Commenting on the partnership John White Director of Corporate Affairs with Shaw Academy said,

“The Shaw Academy format of live education enables students to learn new practical skills in a short period of time. As our delivery is live we can educate students in real time in line with the latest industry trends. More importantly our modules are interactive, relevant and engaging which ensures over 500,000 new students are taking Shaw Academy courses globally every month.
Working with industry leaders such as CareerJunction in South Africa has allowed us to give free access to high quality education that may have been previously unattainable to many South Africans.”

How to Get Started

Start by Registering for free.

Make sure you attend the live session as scheduled by the Shaw Academy in order to access your free education.

How to Register

SMS or send a WhatApp with the word “Free Courses” to 0793852029 we will send more info to you.

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