Work from Home Ideas Create Self-Employment

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Work from Home Ideas Create Self-Employment

Real Work from Home Opportunities

Essentially, most work from home jobs are opportunities that you create yourself. It helps to have a marketable skill such as photography, being able to play a musical instrument, speak a foreign language or a certification in bookkeeping. The next step is to advertise it locally or in classifieds such as Gumtree, or look for ads requiring that service.

Another way to find small jobs is to visit crowd-sourcing and freelancing websites, which are becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon. People who need small pieces of work to be completed post them up on sites such as Freelance Central and offer a small fee. Users looking for work can bid for the jobs, and if their bid is accepted they then complete the assignment and receive the payment.

Other examples of this are Work At Home SOS, Freelancer, eLance and Guru. One crowdsourcing sites such Clickworker or Vivatic users sign up to complete small jobs such as verifying addresses or search results.

Below is a list of specific roles that can be completed from home.

IT Skills: Programming and Web Development.

Companies are constantly requiring programs to be written or websites to be developed and maintained, so anyone with experience in this industry will have a chance of finding work online. ScriptLance and GetACoder are freelance websites that specialise in programming.


Whether it’s for translation or teaching, being fluent in a foreign language is an extremely useful asset. Translation jobs can be found online at Translator’s Town and Languages Unlimited will hire freelance translators.

Online Tutor

Websites First TutorsTeachMe2, My Own Tutor and Educate SA all offer private tuition in subjects such as English, Maths, science, accounting or IT skills.


The ever-expanding internet constantly requires articles, blogs or product reviews. While a copywriting certificate helps, you can still find writing work without it. Freelance Central, Freelancer eLance, Guru, Clickworker and Vivatic all offer jobs of this kind.

Design is a well known site where big brands post briefs, the user base respond with ideas and the winning idea receives a prize. Springleap is a South African based site crowd-sourcing graphics and design.

Delivering and Selling Products from Catalogues

Everyone has heard of Avon, but this is just one of a number of companies that deliver catalogues door to door and take product orders. Justine is another example. There is also Longrich which has made some waves recently.

Online Surveys

Filling out surveys will never earn you large amounts of money, but it can supplement your earnings with a bit of extra pocket money. Some websites will offer gifts and vouchers as rewards instead. Not all survey sites are genuine, however, so it is a good idea to go through the same checklist as for work at home job scams – do they offer surprisingly high rewards, do you need to pay a fee to sign up and does a Google search reveal anything untoward? Sign up free to start making money.

Network Marketing

The most trending ways to create self-employment if South Africa includes network marketing. These are multi level marketing programmes that requires members to encourage their peers to join the programmes and get commissions for their recruits. Example of such programme is 3pexcel and Charity Begins Nathi.

Source:Survey Compare

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10 Steps to get Young People Working

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10 Steps to get Young People Working

The summit, Accelerating Inclusive Youth Employment, which was hosted by Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator at the Spier Wine Estate in Cape Town concluded on Tuesday. Here are ten things the summit resolved to help solve SA’s crisis of youth unemployment.

Scale should be obtained in the growth of business process services. One way to achieve this would be to accelerate and grow foreign direct investment.

2.Technician training
Enhance training of technicians to work in installation, repair and maintenance jobs. Technician jobs can cut across multiple industries and provide a sound basis for scale.

The entry-level requirements and input costs for training technicians are considerably less and more attainable than that for artisans.

3.Digital and tech skills
Unlock and accelerate the digital and tech skills pipeline.

4.Social economy
Enable the youth to find employment pathways in the social economy in order to help them create sustainable livelihoods for themselves.

The social economy is generally defined as being distinct from the private and public sectors. It is usually not-for-profit services or activities offered in communities on a cooperative basis. An example would be teaching people how to access the internet or providing early childhood development.

5.Geographic distribution
Grow geographically distributed opportunities through real-time demand-led skills development and matching those with needs in the tourism, conservation and agriculture sector.

6.One-year work
Fund new one-year work opportunities through the Youth Employment Service (YES). YES is a collaborative economic enabler aimed at the youth and led by business in partnership with government and labour.

7.Pathway manager platform
Strengthen the pathway manager platform to take young people “from learning to earning”. According to Harambee, while many unemployed youths remain locked out of the economy, job vacancies go unfilled every year – even in low-growth economic conditions.

Young people from poorer households incur great costs looking for work and lack the social networks, work-readiness, information and exposure to find available opportunities. Many matriculants and graduates, therefore, fail to make the move from “learning to earning”, despite being sufficiently educated on paper.

A “pathway manager” would understand how to organise a spectrum of opportunities as either destinations or transition points for a young person. In this way a pathway manager can match and direct young people on their job journeys.

8.Innovative financing solutions
Innovative financing solutions should be developed to accelerate demand-focused skills development and “learning to earning” transitions for inclusive youth employment creation.

9.Reducing costs for work seekers
Interventions are needed to reduce costs for work-seekers. This can be done through interventions to provide increased connectivity solutions, transport solutions, addressing proximity challenges and providing access to in-community open learning opportunities.

10.Ongoing collaborative leadership
Ongoing collaborative leadership is essential to grow evidence and insights about inclusive employment creation for the youth that can sustain momentum and inform policy, planning solutions and lead to design and implementation at scale.

Source: Fin24

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Tips to Find Jobs for YOUTH

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Tips to Find Jobs for YOUTH

The most vital step to land a job is preparing for the interview.

Most of the time, only properly trained applicants go through the process feeling cool and calm.

After attending a two-day workshop last week, jobless youths from the KwaDukuza Municipality felt confident their situations would change.

The 11 young people who attended the event, organised by the municipality and the United States diplomatic mission in South Africa, received job readiness certificates on Thursday.

The workshop was aimed at people with little or no experience.

They were shown how to prepare for job interviews, create well-structured CVs, build self-confidence and apply for jobs online.

Sinenhlanhla Ncanana (22), from Shombela in Stanger, said she learned how to properly structure a CV. “I am unemployed and maybe one of the reasons I don’t get jobs is because my CV was not well structured”

Chairman of the portfolio committee on youth, sport and gender John Phahla said they appreciated the opportunity given to the youth.

He said the workshop gave them the necessary skills to apply for jobs online.

He said it was something many employers identified as a problem.

“The youth have been given an opportunity to develop their own action list on how to market themselves, prepare for interviews, search and find potential opportunities for jobs.

“We encourage the youth to use this job preparation workshop as an instrument to master every interview obstacle they might encounter,” said Phahla.

Source: Daily Sun

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Rustenburg Local Municipality Bursary Scholarships

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Rustenburg Local Municipality Bursary Scholarships

Closing Date: 28 December 2018

Rustenburg Municipality invites candidates to app’ for a bursary year in the following fields: Engineering, Health, Agriculture Science, Finance, Information Technology, Tourism and Hospitality

Consideration: will be given to previously disadvantaged and disabled  people in the Rustenburn Local Municipal area who have/who would have completed Grade and have secured provisional admission at any recognised South African tertiary institution. However. preference will be Wen to learners who have obtained highest academic excellence. Applicants MUST be residents of Rustenburg Local Municipality (45 Wards).


The following documents are required: • 12 results o’ recent academic record • Certified copy of ID document • Certified Copy Of parents / guardians ID document • Letter of admission or proof of admission from the institution of higher learning  Proof income (of total monthly income not exceeding R3SCO) • Copy of pension slip (for indigent applicants) Affidavit (If parent is unemployed). Proof Of residence • Quotations for the Course, accommodation and books. Please ensure that quotations are from institutions with a valid Tax Clearance Certificate.

How To Apply

Application forms are available at Missionary Mpheni House Building (Room 8, Ground Floor, Special projects) Rustenburg Municipality

Complete Application forms must be addressed to: The Office Of the Executive Mayor, PO Box 16, Rustenburg 0300 or at Missionary Mpheni House, Cnr Nelson Mandela Olive & Naude Street. Rustenburg Local Municipality.

Enquiries shoul be directed to Mrs Matlhodi Mesesa at (014) 590 3480.

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City of Ekurhuleni Bursary Scholarships

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City of Ekurhuleni Bursary Scholarships

Closing Date: 14 December 2018

Bursaries are open to the youth of Ekurhuleni who are permanent residents, have a good academic record and potential to study full time for a bachelor degree, national diploma, certificates specialized and accredited learning programmes that are recognised and accredited higher and further education training institutions.

Fields in which bursaries can be applied for are:

  • Science, Aviation, Engineering and built environment
  • Information Communication and Technology
  • Business Management Sciences
  • Health Sciences and Humanities and
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

How To Apply

Download Application Form

For more information:

​Busi Sibiya ​011 999 6339 ​Thifhelimbilu Mudau ​011 999 7747
​Norman Shongwe ​011 999 7852 ​Morris Nkoana ​011 999 8602
​Princess Mathe ​011 999 7711 ​Matsie Molotsi ​011 999 6342
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