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Release of 2016 National Senior Certificate Examination Results: Dept of Basic Education

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The 2016 National Senior Certificate examinations concluded on 29 November 2016 and the marking of all 11 million examination scripts is finished.

  • Minister Motshekga will announce the outcome of the examinations on 04 January 2017. The announcement will be broadcast live on SABC 1 and eNCA at 18h00 and will also be streamed live on this website.
  • Candidates will get their statements of results on 05 January 2017 from their school/centre where they wrote the exams. Candidates’ partial results will be made available on this website on 05 January 2016 from 06am.
  • Result queries should be submitted for investigation within 30 days after the release of results.
  • Candidates must ensure that names and identity numbers reflect correctly on their statement of results and report any required corrections to the Department before 30/06/2017.


A candidate may apply at the prescribed fee for the re-mark/re-check of his/her examination scripts. Registration for this must be done at Head Office. Application must be done once only.

Closing date for applications: 19 January 2017

Fees for re-mark and re-check of scripts per subject:

Re-mark : R92.00
Re-check : R21.00

Viewing of scripts may only be done after a re-mark or re-check of results. The closing date for applications is 7 days after release of re-mark or re-check results. The fee for viewing is R180.00


A supplementary examination may be granted to an unsuccessful National Senior Certificate candidate, provided they meet specific criteria. The closing date for applications to the supplementary examination is 19 January 2017.

Conditions for entry as per the regulations governing the supplementary examination

  • If a candidate has not met the minimum promotion and certification requirements in the final external examination, but requires a maximum of two subjects to obtain the National Senior Certificate, he or she may register for a maximum of two subjects for the supplementary examination in the year following the final external examination. These two subjects must be subjects that the candidate sat for in the previous end-of-year examination.
  • If a candidate is medically unfit and, as a result, was absent from one or more external examinations, he or she may register for the supplementary examination.
  • If there is a death in the immediate family of a candidate, or other special reasons for the candidate’s absence, he or she may register for the supplementary examination.
  • A candidate who provides documentary evidence that he or she qualifies for admission to a higher education institution or for an occupation, but does not satisfy the higher education faculty requirements or the requirements for the specific occupation, as well as a candidate who is one requirement short in meeting the minimum admission requirements for Higher Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s degree programmes, may be allowed to register for a maximum of two subjects.
  • In a case where an irregularity is being investigated, provisional enrolment for supplementary examination may be granted to the candidate concerned, pending the outcome of the investigation.
Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshega
Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshega
  • A candidate who was unable to write or complete one or more of the National Senior Certificate examination question papers for reasons other than illness or injury may apply to write the supplementary examination, provided that a written report is submitted by the principal of the school to the Head of the assessment body.

NB: Documentary proof substantiating reason for absenteeism must be submitted at the centre of registration to ensure entry to the supplementary examination.

Source: Department of Basic Education

NB: Do not pay for any job placement, a job cannot be sold. The job has to pay you not the other way round.

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