Netcare Basic Pharmacist Assistants Learnership

Role title Learnerships – Basic Pharmacist Assistant
1 Year Programme
Location Netcare Milpark Hospital
Reporting structure Assistant Pharmacy Manager
Closing date 10 February 2017
The Basic Pharmacist Assistant learn the skills to enable them to be responsible for the provision of medication and supplementary services to patients and members of the healthcare team.
The incumbent will also assist in the responsibility for meeting patients needs in a responsible, satisfactory and cost-effective manner.
Upon completion of Learnship successful candidates will be able to register with the South African Pharmacy Council as a Basic Pharmacist Assistant.
⦁ Dispensing of prescriptions in retail and hospital dispensary under supervision of a pharmacist.
⦁ Picking and charging of ethical replenishments to the wards and theatre.
⦁ Compounding of mixtures under supervision of a pharmacist.
⦁ Unpacking of ethical stock orders under supervision of a Pharmacist (S1 – S5).
⦁ Unpacking of credits and processing of patient credits.
⦁ Checking and controlling expiry dates of medication in stock (S1 – S5) in designated areas .
⦁ Assist in surgical store area.
⦁ Preparation of stock books.
⦁ Participation in stock take.
⦁ Working allocated shifts after hours and over weekends
Position comes with an Allowance Stipend.
⦁ National Senior Certificate or equivalent NQF 4
⦁ Mathematics preferable
⦁ Computer literate.
Selection Criteria include an entrance test, interview and risk assessment.
Learnships offered do not guarentee permanent appointment.
Managing Self
Capacity to plan, organise and control own work environment by setting appropriate priorities and achieving set objectives within a given time frame.
Customer Focus and Service Delivery The capacity to identify and respond to the needs of *internal and external customers.
*Internal and external customers include patients, doctors, colleagues, suppliers, visitors, vendors and any other person that requires a relationship
Adapting and Responding to Change Capable of supporting and advocating change initiatives and managing own reaction to change.
Continuous Improvement The capacity to improve systems and processes to facilitate continuous improvement.
Personal Work Ethic Capacity to instil an ethic of quality and consistency in self and others.
Building Relationships Capacity to establish constructive and effective relationships.
Communication The capacity to clearly present information, either written or verbal.
Teamwork Capacity to cooperate with others to work towards a common goal.
Technical Knowledge The capacity to perform a technical function to required standards.
Netcare Values At Netcare, our core value is care. We care about the dignity of our patients and all members of the Netcare family. We care about the participation of our people and our partners in everything we do. We care about truth in all our actions. We are passionate about quality care and professional excellence.
⦁ Care – The basis of our business. The professional, ethical patient care and services we offer at every level of the organisation.
⦁ Truth – The crucial element in building relationships that work. Open communication with honesty and integrity is essential.
⦁ Dignity – An acknowledgement of the uniqueness of individuals. A commitment to care with the qualities of respect and understanding.
⦁ Passion – The creative, passionate and innovative drive to do things better than before. To develop and implement successful healthcare solutions for all.
⦁ Participation – The willingness and desire to work in productive and creative partnerships with others and the commitment to communicate.
The Netcare Way Netcare is committed to providing quality care. Our basic service standard holds us accountable for the below six behaviours which you will be accountable to uphold:
⦁ I always greet everyone to show my respect.
⦁ I always wear my name badge to show my identity.
⦁ I am always well groomed to show my dignity.
⦁ I always practise proper hand hygiene to show my care.
⦁ I always seek consent to show my compassion.
⦁ I always say thank you to show my appreciation.

The Company’s approved Employment Equity plan and targets will be considered as part of the recruitment process aligned to the Group’s Employment Equity strategy. Netcare actively supports the recruitment of people with disabilities.
Interested candidates who meet the above criteria are requested to e-mail a detailed CV to
Please note:
⦁ Please note that reference checks for internal applicants will be conducted with the current and past Netcare direct line managers of the applicant and the relevant Netcare HR Managers. Employees are therefore encouraged to discuss internal job applications with their direct line manager to ensure that the line manager is aware of the application.
⦁ In the event of a candidate having any disability that may impair the individual’s ability to perform the job function, the candidate must kindly inform the employer so that an assessment for reasonable accommodation can be made.
⦁ By applying for this position and providing us with your CV and other personal information, you are consenting to the information being used for the specific purpose for which it was provided, which is recruitment purposes and possible appointment purposes (should you be successful). Please note that your information will be processed for recruitment purposes only or for such purposes relating to assessing the establishment of an employment relationship with yourself, and this will be done in accordance with the applicable data protection and privacy legislation. We confirm that such information will not be used for any other purpose without obtaining your prior consent.
⦁ If your application is not successful, we retain your CV and other information provided for a period of
6 months after which it will be destroyed in a secure manner. If you object to your information being used in accordance with the aforementioned clauses, please indicate your objection and we will immediately destroy your personal information in a secure manner.

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