Plan Your UNISA Studies: 7 Tips to Consider

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 Plan Your UNISA Studies: 7 Tips to Consider

Cathren has been kind enough to explain to us how she plans her studies and keeps track of all the modules she still needs to pass to complete her qualification.

  1. When planning your studies always consult your curriculum it tells you how many modules you need to do to pass that year
  2. Compile a spreadsheet with the modules you passed and what year they fall under.
    1. (See the Example Spreadsheet for more information)
  3. Before choosing your modules, calculate how many modules you need to pass to complete an academic year. For example: the BADMIN degree has 32 modules; the first year is 12 modules, second year 10 and third year 10.
  1. Look at your compulsory modules and do those first – they normally form the prerequisites for the second year and sometimes third depending on your degree.
  2. Each degree normally has two majors. The first is determined by the degree. In the case of BADMIN degree; it is Public Admin and you choose the second major.
  3. As long as you meet the prerequisites you can register the modules of your choice from the second year.
  4. Lastly, register for the amount of modules you are comfortable and can cope with. The speed at which you complete your degree is up to you.

Watch the video below about planning UNISA studies

Once you have a plan it is time to begin studying. Here are some amazing study tips provided by a professional UNISA student to get you started.

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